Halloween 2016

We've been celebrating Halloween for what seems like weeks around here! We made the most of the beautiful (although too warm, in my opinion..) weather this last weekend and carved pumpkins. We had a birthday party for our neighbor friend on Saturday night and lots and lots of candy during our trick-or-treating extravaganza.

The girls loved it and I loved watching them run around from house to house with their little friends. We are really loving our new neighborhood and celebrating Halloween with the 12 other kids that live just in our cul-de-sac was super fun. I can imagine them running around for years to come! :)

Between school and other things we had going on, G got to wear her costume three times. I'm really curious how many years she'll request to be a pirate?! I made it clear to her that she could pick something else as a costume but she insisted. We recycled a few things from last year so it was an easy look to throw together. The whole family got in on the action, too.

Ready for {more} candy!

A few comparison photos... these might be my very favorite things. Love looking back and seeing how much they change from year to year.



  1. G's "strike a pose" kills me - like a model in training! Love the photos - looks like the girls and parents had a good time. Love the bow in L's hair (last photo) but it makes her look older! Sigh ... baby girls no more!

  2. Such cute little pirates they are! And seriously, this weather is insane!! (Too hot for me too, although I didn't complain about trick or treating in flip flops!)