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My family and I have been using essential oils for a year and a half now. I don't post about it a ton, but I like putting posts together every now and then highlighting our faves and what we use each oil for during the day.

My DIY Night Cream post is by far my most popular post to date, followed by this Gentle Baby recipe. I pinned each post to Pinterest and they kind of took off from there, having been re-pinned over 5,000 times. Say what!? That's so weird to me! But, it just shows that people are really interested in essential oils and how they can use EO's to support a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Don't get me wrong, we still use plenty of unnatural products around here, but I have been a little more conscious about the type of products I buy, steering towards more all-natural cleaners and things like that. With the kiddos running around, I don't want a ton of chemicals in the house and any cleaners/soaps/bleach we do have is kept up high out of reach, of course.

I mostly bit the bullet and bought my starter kit to help with Leighton back when she was acting a fool at night. She wasn't an actual fool, of course, she was just a baby doing baby things but still. We were losing our minds. I figured essential oils couldn't hurt so we started diffusing and applying and mixing up concoctions and here we are! Still using. ;)

We diffuse essential oils almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day, so I figured I'd pull together a list of our top 5 diffuser combos!

These are in no particular order, we use and love them all equally... :)

Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint

Holy yum. There are so many uses for each of these oils but combined together, they're even better. I love diffusing this combo to help ease seasonal discomforts. I also have a roller made up with these three that I like to basically roll all over my face in the spring and fall months. Also note, it's not fun to accidentally mistake the roller for chapstick in the middle of the night. Peppermint on the lips is quite the sensation.. ha!

Peppermint & Grapefruit

Peppermint always seems to give me a little jolt every time I smell it. Grapefruit is one of my favorites because it just smells so yummy. A drop or two in a glass of ice water is also delightful. Diffusing these two together seems to lift everyone's spirits late in the afternoon when all I want to do is hide from the kids until daddy gets home.

Purification & Lemon

I normally use this combo to get rid of all the funky smells in the kitchen. Especially after having cooked bacon. I hate how that smell lingers and the entire house smells like bacon for the rest of the day. It's bad enough that it gets into your clothes and hair. Bacon be gone! Ha. This combo does the trick and the added lemon helps further disinfect the air.

Thieves & Purification

This duo is great to have on hand during the icky months. Get rid of the germs, cleanse the air, banish weird smells all at once. Plus, thieves smells like Christmas so there's that.

Lavender & Cedarwood

Ah, the sleepy-time mix! Lavender can be used for just about anything but I love that it seems to have a calming effect around these parts. Cedar wood is very earthly-smelling and when combined with lavender, it's perfect in the evenings and before bedtime. I also have a roller made up to use with the girls, too. A couple of swipes on the bottom of their feet before bed seems to help encourage a restful night's sleep. I will also put a drop of each on my wrists before bed and sleep like a baby. You know, when the actual babies aren't waking me up..

Do you use essential oils or have a great diffuser combo that I need to try? I'm always looking for new oils and combinations to use around here. If you have questions about oils, feel free to ask. I'm in no way an expert but having used them for a while now, I've seen the benefits and I know it can be overwhelming at first.

If you're interested in trying them, click here to purchase a starter kit. Sign up as a wholesale member so you can take advantage of the sweet discount and get access to resources to help along the way. You don't have to sell or have a party or anything like that. Unless you want to have a party. I mean, parties are fun and all. I also started a silly oily instagram account to keep it separate from regular scheduled programming (i.e. obnoxious pictures of my kids...) so follow along there, too, if you want to see how we use oils on a daily basis.

Happy weekend!

*Please note, everything on this page pertains only to Young Living essential oils. I encourage you to do your own research and make sure that you are comfortable with the decisions you are making as you incorporate natural remedies into your family life. My research led me to exclusively choose YL because of their seed to seal process and the therapeutic quality grade of their oils. It is important to know that Young Living essential oils do not cure, prevent or treat any disease or illness. Anything that is shared is based on my personal experience and the experiences of the friends and family who have been helped by using Young Living oils and products. It is not intended to diagnose or cure any medical condition. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. If you are pregnant or nursing, taking medication or have a medical condition, consult your doctor before using these products.

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  1. Laughing at so many of your remarks!! Rolling it all over your face (yes!), mistaking your peppermint oil for chapstick, hiding from the kids until Daddy gets home, oh my gosh thanks for the Friday laughs! Anyway, this post couldn't have come at a better time! Vanessa is having a little oil party in our neighborhood on Monday and I can't wait to buy some of these! I use a mix of lavender/lemon/peppermint on a regular basis, but haven't ventured outside of those three! Thanks for sharing!