Friday Is My Second Favorite "F" Word

Happy Friday! Ya'll know the drill...


We had a great time at the #BestCircusEver earlier this week. Gracyn loved it and Leighton is a circus freak, too! We left shortly after intermission only because LL was doing her standard barrel-roll in my lap as a means to stay awake. She was so tired and needed to keep moving so she didn't fall asleep. Gracyn had her heart set on $7 cotton candy. We bought it, of course, only for her to exclaim, "But I don't YIKE candy!!" Toddlers be cray...


Rufus got out of the backyard the other day and for a whole 45 minutes, I was FREE AT LAST!

Until the neighbor scooped him up and kept him in her backyard and then emailed the entire neighborhood that she found a black lab wandering the streets. I saw that email and knew it was him, even though I didn't even realize he had gotten out. I pretended I didn't know him but Justin eventually went to claim him.

Better luck next time, I suppose... ;)


I need a haircut. B A D. I'm thinking of changing it up a little bit; it's looking a little drab. Not too short - no "mom" cut, please - but maybe a just a little shorter for summer? A long bob, perhaps? I pinned a few ideas but I might need to trust my stylist on this one...


Grey's Anatomy, Scandal and ice cream. That just happened and I'm not even mad about it.


Have a great weekend!

New Home Wish List :: 10 on Tuesday

A girl can dream, right?! I want ALL THE THINGS! Plans are swirling around in my head and I'm sad I won't be able to do it all at once. BUT. Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose. Here's my new home wish list + a linkup with September Farm for 10 on Tuesday...

1. | Bar Stools for the Kitchen
We have a big beautiful island at the new house which means extra seating in the heart of the home. Depending on which chair we end up with, I think we can fit four nicely around the island.
2. | Bar Stools for the Basement
Because we're finishing the basement, we'll also have a wet bar downstairs which can accommodate seating. I'm not sure how many we'll need but I'm thinking something a little more fun and colorful in this space, yes?

3. | Sectional
Maybe? I'm torn on this one. We need a new couch or something for our family/great room but I want one that's durable and kid-friendly and originally I thought a sectional would be the best option. I'm really loving this color scheme and this blog post has a lot of good ideas. We'll see. Most of all, I have to remind myself to take it slow and make a good decision. We'll also have to wait until we find a good deal because we'll be adhering to a stricter budget in the big, new house.. ;)

4. | Club Chairs
Or side chairs? Or something. In my mind I want a big comfy chair in the family room but it might not work with the sectional idea above. We have a leather recliner right now and that might work for the time being but I have plans to banish it to the basement.

5. | Kids Table
Ikea, duh! This table will be perfect for the girls' playroom. It might be purchased early and become the one table we actually bring with us to our temporary apartment. J and I will be eating off TV trays and paper plates as we shift into survival mode. Two adults, two toddlers and one horrible dog living in under 1000 square feet? Yeah. Bare necessities. Also, be jealous.

6. | New Bedding
The master bedroom is first on my list. Just need something updated and fresh. The comforter we have now is fine but it's looking a little dingy.

7. | Narrow Cabinet
We'll have some space in the master bathroom opposite the tub for a narrow linen cabinet of some sort. Something to hide extra towels or toiletries.8. | Family Room Storage
We're losing some built-in storage in our current family room but it was just open shelving. I might prefer something with doors to hide what sometimes appears to be clutter. Styling bookshelves and keeping them styled is not necessarily my forte but I think a piece like this or this would work.

9. | Outdoor Storage
Amazon Prime to the rescue. We need a place to stash balls, bubbles and every other outdoor plastic toy that currently just sits in a pile in the garage. This giant storage bin should do the trick.

10. | Console Table 
A table for the entryway will be a nice addition. This one comes in a bunch of fun colors but I'm guessing I could also find a pretty cool piece in the West Bottoms on a First Friday weekend. I better start saving my pennies because I think a shopping trip is in order...


Kansas City friends! This one's for you!

We took Gracyn to the circus last fall and homegirl has NOT stopped talking about it since. She will randomly bring it up and ask me if I remember the time we "sawl all da aminals!?" It was also her first time sampling cotton candy and nachos and hotdogs all in one night so I'm pretty sure her little mind was blown nonetheless.

When we got invited to the #BestCircusEver, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make it a family affair! UniverSoul Circus is coming to KC's Swope Park this week and we are pretty pumped to check it out.

We'll be there opening night but the show runs through May 1st so there's plenty of time to fit it into your busy schedules! Check out their Kansas City page for more information and buy your tickets here!

Click here to see tour dates in other cities, too!

We totally plan to bring both our 3-year old and 16-month old with us. I confirmed the show was appropriate for all ages. Kids under 12 months won't need a ticket and they won't allow strollers or car seats so plan ahead for that but otherwise go and have FUN! ;)

Monday, one-day. Tuesday, two-day. Wednesday, when? Huh? What day? Thursday! The third day!

...which brings us to Friday, right!?

Also, if you don't get the reference above we can't be FRIENDS!

Anyway, my brain feels like mush after a stressful week. I mean, really. I've been staring at my computer trying to formulate coherent thoughts and I have none.

So, I'll just spew five random things on this fine Friday... The fourth day! ;)


My three girls...

Seriously, this doll is a freak and she's the size of a human child and Gracyn calls her "Butch." It's funny and disturbing all at the same time. Butch goes in waves around here, sometimes she's played with every day and other times she's stuffed into the toy box. She's been allowed to come hang out the last few days.. ;)


Speaking of Gracyn, she is SO BIG these days. Both girls are, actually. G says things like "Mom, don't freak out!" and "It was so embarrassing!" and I die every time.


I feel like Leighton is *thisclose* to really talking but until she finds the words, it's so hard to figure out what she wants at times. She'll point and grunt when she wants/needs something but will throw her body to the ground when I hand her the Cheerios when she wanted Kix. She's also started folding her arms and turning around rather dramatically when she doesn't want to do something. It's.... cute.


Our builder needed us to pick out new flooring for the main floor and there were only 1032421 options to choose from. We picked up a few samples but didn't love any of them. We went back to the showroom and finally decided on a color/finish and I'm so excited to see it in the house. And nervous. But mostly excited. I think.


Follow Friday! I'm teaming up with some local KC bloggers for a #followfriday on Instagram today and you should check 'em out! I met Vanessa and Megan through Kansas City Moms Blog and Sarah and Kala are quickly becoming more of my faves!

Have a great weekend!

DIY :: Guest Bathroom Reveal

I'm so glad I have these pictures to remember how this space looked - for a mere two weeks. I started this little project before we decided to sell our home and move so the bathroom was only actually "finished" and put back together long enough to have listing pictures taken.

Since then, I've started packing things away but I have every intention of setting things up again in the new house once we're settled. The girls will share a jack-n-jill bathroom that will be bright, white and airy so these goodies will still be put to use!

Like the rest of the house, we started with a 1980s pallet and all I wanted to do was get rid of the orange-y cabinets and scratched trim. I stalked the internet for inspiration and then tried to find knockoff copycats and things from the clearance bins to accessorize... ;)

We touched just about every surface, including the floor. We didn't originally intend on updating the flooring but we had never done something like that before so we just went for it. We ended up using Allure Resilient Plank flooring from Home Depot and it was so easy to install. We don't have any fancy saws or tools so this was the perfect option. Definitely recommend!

The cabinet looks SO much better after being painted. I had originally planned to replace the vanity top (and found one for under $200) but it was just a tad bit too long. The cabinet is a weird 58-inches and I could not find a vanity top to match - they were all 60 inches - and I think it would have looked strange with the counter extending towards the toilet an extra 2 inches. If money wasn't an issue, I would have just replaced the whole thing. But, I'm a cheap-o so I had to find something else.

The solution? MORE PAINT! I found a countertop paint kit and decided to try it out. Worst case scenario, I ruined the whole entire thing. Best case? No more nasty '80s countertop. It was worth a shot!

The kit was super easy to use as long as you follow the directions and allow ample drying time in-between coats. I honestly don't LOVE the final color (too much gold/tan for me, I think) but it's definitely better than the original! And, the end color is totally MY fault since you literally dab on each color in a random pattern. It looks kinda like granite from a distance so I think it works for now!

Also, almost panicked when I had to prime the countertop BLACK...

I don't have a ton of pictures of the little details or accessories. Because of selling, I didn't put as many final touches on it as I would have if we were staying in the home. I found a couple of shelves from local antique malls and some little trinkets from At Home and Target and called it good!

And that's that! I really hope the new owners love it.. ;)

Here are a few sources in case you're interested...

Wall Color :: "Subtle Touch"by Behr
Rug - $6.99 from At Home!


Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubby!

F I V E years, two babies and countless other adventures together. You're just the best and I'm one lucky gal.

Love you long time.

Photo Cred: Morgan Miller Photography

Five on Friday | Mexico Edition

Heyyyyyyy! Long time no blog! I'm recovering from vacation, turns out I can't hang quite like I used to! We had a great time on our quick jaunt down to Cancun, met up with some old friends and missed our babies like crazy.

I was on Instagram overload during our trip so I'll try to keep the recap post short for ya! We have a weekend to get to..


I didn't realize we scored a private transfer from the airport to our resort but when this stretch Lincoln Navigator pulled up and they opened the door for me, I was pumped. Literally, it was just for the two of us. Ha! Also, that Corona cost $5.50 at the airport which is straight-up robbery but it was oh-so-good.

Shout out to our travel agent, Allison for hooking us up! KC peeps - check her out if you need help booking your next getaway!


We managed to log quite a bit of pool time and I didn't hate it. When not laying by the pool, we were laying by the beach which was equally enjoyable. I brought a few books with me but only actually started reading this one. My naps got in the way... ;)


This, my friends, is what you look like when you take shots and you're 30 years old...


The beach was amaze-balls and the resort was HUGE but still offered up some pretty scenery. We stayed on the adults-only side and only got attacked by seagulls once...


We snuck off the resort for dinner and shopping in Cancun on Monday night. This guy delivered our margaritas on his head. He earned a tip.

We came back to two girlies who had a great time with Grandma and Papa. They went to the park {multiple} times a day and loved every minute of it. Also, can we please discuss the fact that Leighton looks the same size as Gracyn?!?!?!

Happy Friday!

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...

Let the vacation commence! If you need me, I'll be sipping' cocktails on the beach for the next 5 days while I do a whole lotta nothing! I'll miss my kids like crazy but it will be a much needed break.

Follow me on Instagram (@babybyoakley) for obnoxious vacation photos of things like fancy food and drinks with umbrellas. I'm also on Snapchat which is mostly used for lip-syncing along to Top 40 Hits while using those ridiculous filters. I think my user name there is mjoakley85 but I'm not 100% sure - I'm kind of a spaz when it comes to Snapchat... ;)


Why I Hate My Dog :: 10 on Tuesday

Now, before you think I'm an animal-hater, just hear me out.

My dog is the worst.

He really is.

We were not thinking clearly when we decided to "adopt" this little (big) hellion. What I mean is, I was actually drunk when we agreed to drive to Tulsa to pick him up. It was July 4th weekend, cocktails had been had, obvi, and this just proves nothing good can come from drinking! Keep that in mind, kids.

Our probable initial thoughts? He's free! He's sooo cute! He won't grow to be that big!

see? so teeny tiny and totally not destructive...
Take off the beer goggles, you fools! 

He is an evil monster disguised as an innocent little puppy and will make your lives hell! You will be poor, your house will be dirty, and dog hair will be mother-effing everywhere. Hindsight is 20/20 BS.

I'm getting depressed just reminiscing about all of this.

Everything is coming to a head now, though - seven years later. We're getting ready to move into a new house in a new neighborhood with lots of little kids and nice families and the last thing we need is for Rufus to ruin EVERYTHING. Because he is a life ruiner.

For this very reason, we're entertaining the idea of hiring a dog trainer so they can, you know, teach an old dog new tricks. Simple commands, really. Like to come when called, stop eating kleenex straight out da box, quit spazzing out when an animal (cartoon or otherwise) is on the television. Just be a normal dog! IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK!?!

I know. I know we should have done this YEARS ago but I've reached the point that I'm just really fed up so we're going to do the responsible pet-owner thing and try to correct some of these behaviors before I "accidentally" forget to latch the fence. Because if he gets out, I'll make sure there's no way he can be physically traced back to us. I'll pretend I don't know him. #kidding


Misery loves company so join me as I list out 10 reasons why I really very strongly dislike our dog, Rufus:

1. He eats things. Socks, underwear, kleenex, frozen chicken breasts. You got it? He'll eat it.

2. He throws up things. Socks, underwear, kleenex... You get the idea.

3. He tries to re-eat the things he throws up. I mean, really? It's just gross.

4. His collar got stuck in the dishwasher (somewhere he's NOT supposed to be...) and pulled the bottom shelf out and broke my plates. Not cool, bro.

5. He "runs away" but doesn't really run away... They always come crawling back...

6. He freaks the 'eff out when he sees another animal in person or on TV. And then does this:
7. He licks incessantly. To the point where I think I'm about to have a stroke if I have to listen to that noise for one more second...

8. He does not listen. Like, at all. He knows we get after him every time he burrows into our clothes hanging in the closet yet he does it ALL. THE. TIME.

9. He punched a hole in the wall with his ass. Seriously. There was a Rufus-sized hole in our wall and he put it there with his ASS.

it's like he's happy about it or something.
10. Major abdominal surgery that cost thousands. The event that started it all. He was still a puppy when he swallowed his first pair of Victoria's Secret underwear and it got lodged in his small intestine. See ya never, $3k.

The ONE thing that doesn't absolutely drive me bonkers about this dog? And, I'm convinced this is the only thing I like about him..

He is and always has been very good with the babies.

....17 times larger than a one-year old
He must have a thing for teeny tiny humans because from day one with Gracyn, he's been calm (for the most part) around her and now Leighton and for that I'm thankful.

Now, if I could only get those pairs of undies back....
Linking up with Karli from September Farm for 10 on Tuesday!

Opening Day

Blogging at 10pm because this feels like the first time I've been able to sit down allll dayyy. I am so over you, Monday.

But! I couldn't pass up the chance to link up with a few of my fave bloggers (and some fellow Kansas City Royals fans!) to celebrate opening day!

We have all the heart eyes for the Royals around here; the entire city is excited! We were running a few errands yesterday and pretty much everyone was wearing blue.

We have to do a little shopping since the girls have outgrown their KC gear from last year but we managed to throw on blue and white outfits and call it good! We took a few selfies, I tried (and failed) to bribe them to take a picture together and then blew bubbles instead once I realized a photo shoot was out of the question. :)

Here's to another great season!