Kansas City friends! This one's for you!

We took Gracyn to the circus last fall and homegirl has NOT stopped talking about it since. She will randomly bring it up and ask me if I remember the time we "sawl all da aminals!?" It was also her first time sampling cotton candy and nachos and hotdogs all in one night so I'm pretty sure her little mind was blown nonetheless.

When we got invited to the #BestCircusEver, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make it a family affair! UniverSoul Circus is coming to KC's Swope Park this week and we are pretty pumped to check it out.

We'll be there opening night but the show runs through May 1st so there's plenty of time to fit it into your busy schedules! Check out their Kansas City page for more information and buy your tickets here!

Click here to see tour dates in other cities, too!

We totally plan to bring both our 3-year old and 16-month old with us. I confirmed the show was appropriate for all ages. Kids under 12 months won't need a ticket and they won't allow strollers or car seats so plan ahead for that but otherwise go and have FUN! ;)


  1. We're going to this, too!!!! But not until Wednesday. Are you going tomorrow?

  2. Oh how fun! I used to love circuses as a kid!