Friday Five

I have a whole bunch of random for your Friday...


Yesterday, we ran to Target over lunch and by some sort of miracle, left without buying anything. First time in my life, I'm sure of it. I got the girls buckled into their car seats and started heading home. At some point, I looked back and noticed Gracyn had a pair of sunglasses hanging from her t-shirt collar.

Glasses I had never seen before. I then realized that she had shoplifted. I thought for sure the cops were after us so I quick did a U-Turn, got the kids unbuckled and rushed back into the store. I wanted to explain - it was truly an accident! - but the line for customer service was insanely long so we just plopped the glasses back on the shelf where they belonged and left again.



Leighton found her way into our closet yesterday morning and managed to put all of my underwear around her neck like scarves. It was weird and hilarious. She accessorized with some shoes and was good to go...


Have you ever seen such beautiful cabinets!?!?! I was so surprised to walk into the new casa the other night and see these babies installed. I was giddy, it was ridiculous...


I'm ready for a low-key weekend. Oklahoma plays in the Final Four (moral support for the husband only, I'm still a Husker at heart...) and the baseball season begins! I was never into baseball growing up but it's kind of hard to avoid when living in KC. It's so fun to get together with friends and watch the games and even better when we head to the ballpark to watch in person. Can't wait to get the kids out there for a few games this year!


This time next week, you can find me here....

It's vacation time, baby!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Have a great vacation!! I can't wait to see your finished house! We gutted and renovated a house that took TWO YEARS! Love the underwear around the neck...Cam likes to wear my bras as necklaces! :)

  2. Oh my gosh, laughing out loud about both the shoplifting incident AND your underwear scarves!! Kids are so weird...and funny. Totally cheering for Oklahoma with your husband...I win $80 if they win the whole thing! And enjoy your vacation next week!

  3. That picture of Leighton with the underwear and shoes on is so cute and funny. A great memory and funny story to tell her later on. Enjoy your trip next week!!!

  4. Ah those cabinets and the beach. I want them both!!! And I totally laughed out loud about your little thief and the underwear necklace!

    Stopping over from the linkup. Hope you can hop by my blog as well. Have an awesome weekend!

  5. Those cupboards sure are beautiful!!! My kids do that sort of thing all the time with my scarves. They also put underwear on their head! ENjoy your vcay!

  6. wow that kitchen is amazing girl! how awesome! so glad i found your blog and cant wait to read more! happy friday!

  7. So funny... fashion princess in training and G!�� .... well, temptation is a real struggle. ��

  8. Love love love the cabinets! The island is perfect, much better than the original one!

    1. YES! I'm so glad it turned out the way we wanted! :)