New Home Wish List :: 10 on Tuesday

A girl can dream, right?! I want ALL THE THINGS! Plans are swirling around in my head and I'm sad I won't be able to do it all at once. BUT. Slow and steady wins the race, I suppose. Here's my new home wish list + a linkup with September Farm for 10 on Tuesday...

1. | Bar Stools for the Kitchen
We have a big beautiful island at the new house which means extra seating in the heart of the home. Depending on which chair we end up with, I think we can fit four nicely around the island.
2. | Bar Stools for the Basement
Because we're finishing the basement, we'll also have a wet bar downstairs which can accommodate seating. I'm not sure how many we'll need but I'm thinking something a little more fun and colorful in this space, yes?

3. | Sectional
Maybe? I'm torn on this one. We need a new couch or something for our family/great room but I want one that's durable and kid-friendly and originally I thought a sectional would be the best option. I'm really loving this color scheme and this blog post has a lot of good ideas. We'll see. Most of all, I have to remind myself to take it slow and make a good decision. We'll also have to wait until we find a good deal because we'll be adhering to a stricter budget in the big, new house.. ;)

4. | Club Chairs
Or side chairs? Or something. In my mind I want a big comfy chair in the family room but it might not work with the sectional idea above. We have a leather recliner right now and that might work for the time being but I have plans to banish it to the basement.

5. | Kids Table
Ikea, duh! This table will be perfect for the girls' playroom. It might be purchased early and become the one table we actually bring with us to our temporary apartment. J and I will be eating off TV trays and paper plates as we shift into survival mode. Two adults, two toddlers and one horrible dog living in under 1000 square feet? Yeah. Bare necessities. Also, be jealous.

6. | New Bedding
The master bedroom is first on my list. Just need something updated and fresh. The comforter we have now is fine but it's looking a little dingy.

7. | Narrow Cabinet
We'll have some space in the master bathroom opposite the tub for a narrow linen cabinet of some sort. Something to hide extra towels or toiletries.8. | Family Room Storage
We're losing some built-in storage in our current family room but it was just open shelving. I might prefer something with doors to hide what sometimes appears to be clutter. Styling bookshelves and keeping them styled is not necessarily my forte but I think a piece like this or this would work.

9. | Outdoor Storage
Amazon Prime to the rescue. We need a place to stash balls, bubbles and every other outdoor plastic toy that currently just sits in a pile in the garage. This giant storage bin should do the trick.

10. | Console Table 
A table for the entryway will be a nice addition. This one comes in a bunch of fun colors but I'm guessing I could also find a pretty cool piece in the West Bottoms on a First Friday weekend. I better start saving my pennies because I think a shopping trip is in order...


  1. Love this idea for a new house!! My list is long as well but I made a list and I'm waiting for sales !

  2. I love all those kitchen bar stools! How will you ever choose?

  3. We've been in our house for over a year and there are still SO MANY THINGS I want!! Seriously, it's a never ending list. Especially when trends are changing all the time!

  4. Don't forget the ladder coming your way for the new entry ... :) What to do with that?!

  5. New houses are so fun to decorate, but there is always so much to do & so many choices! Good luck!!

  6. LOVE those yellow bar stools. We're currently having a condo built and are in the market for some of the same items. Great choices!

  7. I love this! You are on top of things!! We have the Pier One counter stools and my only complaint is that they don't agree with yoga pants (which is a BIG problem for me!!) I popped two little woven pieces off in the first week, then finally got smart and found some seat cushions at ikea that fit perfectly. They're not the cutest things ever but at least they're tucked under the island, I suppose?!?

    And the orange bar stools would be so cool in your basement!