Essential Oils :: Gentle Baby

I was so pumped to get the mail today. I ordered me some Gentle Baby and it finally came! *praise-hands emoji!!!*

You might have heard that Leighton is terrible at going to bed at night and since we've started on our little essential oil journey, I've been reading and trying to find a concoction that will help her. 

Enter Gentle Baby.

It smells heavenly and I quickly whipped up a little homemade baby lotion so I could slather some of this goodness all over L's little body after her bath this evening. She didn't seem to mind the full-body massage and she's been asleep in her own crib since 9 PM *praise-hands emoji again!!!!*

And I probably just jinxed myself by even typing out the fact that she appears to be sleeping soundly but still. I'll take it.

The baby lotion was super easy to make - I modified a few Pinterest recipes for this first batch...

1/2 cup organic coconut oil
8 drops Gentle Baby

mix together in a small bowl and store in a 4 oz glass jar

that's it!

I did a test spot on my wrist and on Leighton's leg just to make sure we didn't have any type of weird reaction. We were all good so I took a little in my hands and rubbed her down before getting into her jammies. So far so good! Is there a "finger's crossed" emoji? There should be...

I'm hopeful that we're nearing the end of this phase of her life - she's such a sweet babe and I know it could be worse so I'm trying to stay positive but our evenings are pretty stressful around here. If we can find a little something extra to help us out, I'm all for it!

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And yes, I'll probably be back tomorrow to update you on how many times I was - or was NOT! - up with the baby over the course of the next 8 hours.

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  2. Is this greasy? I need something for a baby's skin but don't want it greasy at all. THanks