Five on Friday

February has been a blur it seems. Between snow days and sickness, we've just been inching along over here. So here are the five most uninteresting things I could think of to post in this blog entry. Hold on to your hats, it's almost worth reading...


Pretty sure there is nothing worse than a sick baby. G woke up last Monday with what seemed like a little cold. The other kiddos at daycare seemed to have the same thing. By Wednesday morning, Gracyn was walking around the house moaning and whining and crying. I felt terrible because she felt terrible but she didn't have a fever or anything like that so we soldiered on.
not a happy camper...
I checked in on her at daycare and she was a little under the weather but having a good day playing with her friends. One little boy had been diagnosed with bronchiolitis or some other scary sounding upper respiratory infection; another little girl ended up having the same thing and an ear infection. On Thursday afternoon, I decided to take G to the doctor just to get her checked out. Poor babe's lungs were clear but she ended up having an ear infection in both ears.

To make a long story even longer, I earn mom of the year award for not taking her to the doctor sooner and for sending her to daycare every day when I should have just stayed home from work to cuddle and love on my sweet, sick baby.


G started a round of antibiotics and by Friday night {Valentine's Day} she seemed to be feeling better. We loved on our little Valentine and spent the evening at home.

My hot dates:


G shared the love and by Saturday night, I found myself walking around the house moaning and whining and basically crying to Justin that I didn't feel good. I have a cold and a cough that sounds like I'm dying. It's awesome.


Let's see...what else...

For Gracyn's first year of life, I compiled her monthly photos and pictures of all of her "firsts" into a Shutterfly photo book. I love me some Shutterfly. I made a book of our engagement pictures that we used as our guestbook at our wedding and made another one with all of our wedding pictures. Anyway, her Year One book has been ordered and should be here any day and I'm more excited about it than I should be.


Yeah, I got nothing for this last one. Rufus just vommed on the carpet so...gotta go I guess.

As Rihanna would say...

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snow day.

Snowmageddon. Snowpocalypse 2014. Arctic Blast of Death. OK, the last one may be a little extreme. Call it whatever you want to call it - we are loving us a snow day! 

I'm a South Dakota girl at heart so 6-12 inches of snow really doesn't seem like much to me but here in good ol' Kansas, snow like this shuts the KC Metro down. Not that I'm complaining - schools are closed, my office shutdown, and Justin can't really do his land-surveying duties in a whiteout so all three of us are home today.

We took G outside for her first romp in the snow (she didn't hate it…) and we Justin shoveled the driveway once. It's covered in the white stuff again so we'll have to hit that a couple of more times before the storm is over I'm sure. A batch of vegetable beef soup is cooking' in the crock pot and we're getting ready to watch season 5 of Sons of Anarchy. If you don't watch this show, you must. Now. Obsessed is an understatement.

Snow days as an adult are way cooler than snow days as a kid…just sayin'.