I was laying awake in bed last night thinking of the million and one things that didn't get done that day but need to get done before we leave for vacation. Finishing up things for work, making the house isn't a disaster zone, laundry, groceries, etc.

I feel a little overwhelmed, not really sure where to start so I'm just sitting here staring at my computer and typing a blog post instead. Makes sense right?! Ha.

Other random things on my mind...

The half bathroom "renovation" is coming along! Dare I say almost finished? Just need to find a few more accessories and touch up a little paint. We got a deal at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and snagged a brand new bathroom vanity top for a fraction of the cost. I was determined to find one there so I loaded up the kids by myself and drove 45 minutes to the store way up north. I needed some help loading it onto the big cart but I managed to push that bad boy AND Leighton's stroller through the store while asking Gracyn 102309242 times not to touch all the things. A nice old man helped me lift it into the back of the van.

Justin replaced it and we ended up using the existing faucet. It looks good! I'm glad it's done and I don't think I'll try starting a project before leaving on a week long vacation. I was stressing to get it put back together before we left. It's functional for sure. Just need a few finishing touches.

Gracyn got her first haircut last weekend! Girlfriend had needed one for quite some time and after snapping these pictures last week, it was definitely time...

She did so good in the chair. It was in the form of a barbie car so I'm sure she was stoked. We were in and out in 15 minutes and she looked like a new woman. So proud of this girl. And a little sad that she doesn't have her baby curls in the back anymore...

Baby belly laughs have got to be my very favorite thing. Gracyn took forever to laugh. Leighton laughed a little earlier but we still don't get very many deep belly laughs out of her. G was playing with bubble wrap of all things yesterday and little sister was l o v i n g it. So funny. Oh, and Leighton totally barfs at the end of this video. We've discovered she has a very weak gag reflex. If she coughs (or laughs, apparently) too hard, she sometimes vomits. It's super fun...

Baby belly laugh! from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

L has taken a liking to picking on her older sister, if that's even possible at this age. She likes to climb over Gracyn anytime she's on the floor, bouncing around, poking her face, gouging her eyes. You know, the regular sister-type love stuff.

Little sis picking on big sis. from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

I've been running around trying to get things ready to leave town and I noticed my wrist itching really badly late last week. I figured it was just a bug bite or something. I woke up the next day and hade HIVES all over the side of my neck and face.


Yeah. Hives (or some sort of allergic reaction) just in time for my birthday and epic vacation. NOT COOL. They weren't going away so I hightailed it to urgent care last night and demanded they give me something to help. Well, not really demanded but I was definitely reiterating the fact that I had a birthday and epic vacation coming up. I got one steroid shot in my tushie and was sent along my way. They're already looking better so I'm confident I won't be the leper in the corner sipping a cocktail on the beach by myself.

Ok, I have to go pack. I'M GONNA MISS THESE NUGGETS.

Leighton :: Nine Months Old

Sweet, sweet Leighton. You have turned into a bulldozer this month. Your crawling has picked up speed and you will push through anything that stands in your way. This includes your sister. You are perfecting your baby body slam and you find it quite funny. Gracyn tolerates you about half the time. The other time she doesn't love it when you try to pinch her nose or poke her eye. 

You've also learned how to climb stairs and G comes running to tell me any time you try to climb on your own. That sister is looking out for you. Most of the time anyway. 

EAT | Sister girl will eat whatever we eat except for honey. We tried peanut butter this month and she likes it. Toast with peanut butter is a regular breakfast around these parts. She will also slam a whole banana if you let her. She eats fast and eats a lot. Or I guess what seems like a lot for such a little person. She continues to eat more than Gracyn at any given meal, that's for sure. We still do four 6-ounce bottles of formula during the day, too.

PLAY | The last week or so I've actually noticed Gracyn playing with Leighton, which is nice. LL will usually follow G around, crawling behind. Gracyn likes to tell her what to do - big surprise, right?

It's funny. 

Gracyn will tell her, "stay there, way-ton!", walk a few feet and then call her like a dog while patting her knee... "come here, girl. come here!" Leighton thinks it's hilarious and will charge toward her. Leighton likes to steal toys and we're trying to explain to Gracyn to keep her stuff out of reach if she doesn't want sister to play with it. It's only the beginning, I'm sure.

SLEEP | Usually sleeping 7pm - 7am give or take. She's been waking up a few times throughout the night but I'm positive her teeth are bothering her. She has seven and is thisclose to cutting the eighth. I'm hoping it comes through and she goes back to sleeping all night before we go on vacation next week and my parents are here with her. She still needs two decent naps a day but she doesn't always get it - if her morning nap is strong (2+ hours) I can bet on her afternoon nap being short, and vice versa. Today, she didn't even take a morning nap. Her afternoon nap was pretty nonexistent, too, which meant she was super pleasant this evening. Not.

I would prefer she take a shorter morning nap and then be ready to go down around 1pm when I try to get Gracyn down. Otherwise they're down at separate times, I have less time to get uninterrupted work done and it kinda throws my whole afternoon off. Not that it should matter because the toddler boycotts naps half the time anyway so really, we're just a hot mess over here on any given day.

Size 12 month onesie. Size 18 month pants. Thighs for dayyyyys.

A miracle occurred when we were taking pictures today. Gracyn actually wanted to take a pic with her sissy. They're just delicious, I tell you. Model status. I love these two gals with my whole heart...

Happy 9 Months, Leighton Lynn. You are the best.

Photo {Almost} Every Hour :: Wednesday

7 AM | someone made her way into my spot...
8 AM | give me coffee, stat.
9 AM | sleepy head
10 AM | late breakfast following an epic tantrum...
11 AM | the best helper
12 PM | sister love. kinda.
1 PM | sweet nap time. weird selfie.
2 PM | ...that didn't last long.
3 PM | more shenanigans
4 PM | multitasking and so many crumbs.
5 PM | oh, so now you nap?
6 PM | give me margs, stat.

7 PM & 8 PM | adult conversation. it was good.

9 PM | will she or won't she stay asleep? #teethingsucks
10 PM | news, weather, sports.

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The Sunflower State

We've lived in Kansas for seven years and I'm pretty sure I've been living under a rock. I had no idea that every year, a million sunflowers bloom in a field 30 minutes from our front door. After seeing my Facebook and Instagram feed blow up over the weekend with pictures of these gorgeous flowers, I told Justin we needed to go. The flowers are only in full bloom for about two weeks so we needed to go soon if we were going to see them at all, so we headed out Tuesday night.

Grinter Farms generously opens up their fields to the public for free every year. They let people cut the flowers for $1 a piece, on your honor, with donation boxes placed on the outskirts of the field. It was a gloomy evening, the baby had a blowout on the way and Gracyn refused to take a selfie with me but it was still an awesome sight to see. I can't wait to go back next year...

Labor Day Weekend

We hightailed it out of town Friday afternoon to spend the holiday weekend down in Cotter, Arkansas on the White River. We woke up {bright and early... thanks, kids!} to fog rolling through the river valley which wasn't a bad way to start the day. 

The girls played with Grandma Michele, we drank and ate, the boys partook in late night fishing. G even swam in the ice-cold river. Seriously. It was really cold. She was shivering the entire time but insisted she go swimming. Which meant mama went swimming, too.

Our dear friends came with us which made it a full-on road trip as we all piled into our minivan. Four adults, two babies, a toddler and all of our crap managed to fit into the van with room to spare. I was pretty impressed with Justin's ability to pack that bad boy.

It took approximately 37 hours to get home on Monday with all of the traffic we encountered but we managed to make it eventually. Gracyn woke up with a little cold this morning (the freezing water, perhaps?!) and we're all a little tired but it was still a fun weekend getaway.