I was laying awake in bed last night thinking of the million and one things that didn't get done that day but need to get done before we leave for vacation. Finishing up things for work, making the house isn't a disaster zone, laundry, groceries, etc.

I feel a little overwhelmed, not really sure where to start so I'm just sitting here staring at my computer and typing a blog post instead. Makes sense right?! Ha.

Other random things on my mind...

The half bathroom "renovation" is coming along! Dare I say almost finished? Just need to find a few more accessories and touch up a little paint. We got a deal at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore and snagged a brand new bathroom vanity top for a fraction of the cost. I was determined to find one there so I loaded up the kids by myself and drove 45 minutes to the store way up north. I needed some help loading it onto the big cart but I managed to push that bad boy AND Leighton's stroller through the store while asking Gracyn 102309242 times not to touch all the things. A nice old man helped me lift it into the back of the van.

Justin replaced it and we ended up using the existing faucet. It looks good! I'm glad it's done and I don't think I'll try starting a project before leaving on a week long vacation. I was stressing to get it put back together before we left. It's functional for sure. Just need a few finishing touches.

Gracyn got her first haircut last weekend! Girlfriend had needed one for quite some time and after snapping these pictures last week, it was definitely time...

She did so good in the chair. It was in the form of a barbie car so I'm sure she was stoked. We were in and out in 15 minutes and she looked like a new woman. So proud of this girl. And a little sad that she doesn't have her baby curls in the back anymore...

Baby belly laughs have got to be my very favorite thing. Gracyn took forever to laugh. Leighton laughed a little earlier but we still don't get very many deep belly laughs out of her. G was playing with bubble wrap of all things yesterday and little sister was l o v i n g it. So funny. Oh, and Leighton totally barfs at the end of this video. We've discovered she has a very weak gag reflex. If she coughs (or laughs, apparently) too hard, she sometimes vomits. It's super fun...

Baby belly laugh! from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

L has taken a liking to picking on her older sister, if that's even possible at this age. She likes to climb over Gracyn anytime she's on the floor, bouncing around, poking her face, gouging her eyes. You know, the regular sister-type love stuff.

Little sis picking on big sis. from Mackenzie Oakley on Vimeo.

I've been running around trying to get things ready to leave town and I noticed my wrist itching really badly late last week. I figured it was just a bug bite or something. I woke up the next day and hade HIVES all over the side of my neck and face.


Yeah. Hives (or some sort of allergic reaction) just in time for my birthday and epic vacation. NOT COOL. They weren't going away so I hightailed it to urgent care last night and demanded they give me something to help. Well, not really demanded but I was definitely reiterating the fact that I had a birthday and epic vacation coming up. I got one steroid shot in my tushie and was sent along my way. They're already looking better so I'm confident I won't be the leper in the corner sipping a cocktail on the beach by myself.

Ok, I have to go pack. I'M GONNA MISS THESE NUGGETS.

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