About Me

Hi! I'm Mackenzie!

My husband, Justin, and I live a quiet life in the midwest with our awful dog (no really, he's awful...), our two, absolutely not-awful daughters and beautiful baby boy. Really, they're the best...

Gracyn was born in January 2013 followed by Leighton in December 2014. Baker joined our family in August 2017. These kids make our lives better in every way imaginable and we are beyond lucky to be their parents.

Like most, I started blogging to document all the cute things my kids say and do but it's turned into a really fun hobby that I enjoy more than I should. #oversharer for life. I've been fortunate to connect with a lot of really amazing women through this blogging community, as well, which just makes it all that much better.

When I'm not mom-ing it up, you can find me working from home for a small insurance marketing firm and attempting to do a little DIY around the house. We recently moved into a new casa and I'm slowly attempting to make it our forever-home.

Thanks so much for following along, we're so glad you're here!

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  1. Found you through the KC Mom's Blog! I'm a fellow Kansas Citian and mom blogger! Look forward to following along!