Labor Day Weekend

We hightailed it out of town Friday afternoon to spend the holiday weekend down in Cotter, Arkansas on the White River. We woke up {bright and early... thanks, kids!} to fog rolling through the river valley which wasn't a bad way to start the day. 

The girls played with Grandma Michele, we drank and ate, the boys partook in late night fishing. G even swam in the ice-cold river. Seriously. It was really cold. She was shivering the entire time but insisted she go swimming. Which meant mama went swimming, too.

Our dear friends came with us which made it a full-on road trip as we all piled into our minivan. Four adults, two babies, a toddler and all of our crap managed to fit into the van with room to spare. I was pretty impressed with Justin's ability to pack that bad boy.

It took approximately 37 hours to get home on Monday with all of the traffic we encountered but we managed to make it eventually. Gracyn woke up with a little cold this morning (the freezing water, perhaps?!) and we're all a little tired but it was still a fun weekend getaway.


  1. Looks like you had a great get-away! Love all the pictures of the girls ... getting so big! Did Gracyn get lucky and catch a fish? I'm very impressed that all of you and your luggage fit into the van ... gotta love vans!

  2. It looks like a great getaway! Gotta love the minivan! ;)