Gonna Get Away...

Oh hey, Friday. Worst blogger ever here, only posting once a week. We had a busy one - Justin was out of town for the first half of the week (boo) but home with me and the girls the second half (yay)! Other happenings this week...

{ONE :: Insta Giveaway}

In case you missed it, I teamed up with a few lovely ladies to host my first ever giveaway on instagram! Kinda fun, right? It's a loop giveaway which I admit is a little annoying but there are only four of us so it takes no time at all to enter. You have until Sunday night to enter!

Thanks to Hanna for organizing and to Mackenzie (another Mackenzie - random and awesome!) and Amanda for participating with me!

{TWO :: Bathroom Project is Underway}

We started priming and painting everything in sight in our downstairs half bath. There is primer on the walls and I already like it better than before. Trim is painted white and the cabinet is looking pretty fly too. Check out my DIY inspiration here...

{THREE :: Vacation Getaway}

We leave for Jamaica in three weeks. Which means I turn 30 in three weeks...

{FOUR :: Summer is Going Away...}

But not until after Labor Day, ok? Just one more weekend of summer fun, please! September 1st came and the entire world declared it was fall even though it was 95 degrees and as humid as ever. I do love me some September though. See above. Hello, birthday month!

{FIVE :: Hitting the Highway}

Speaking of summer fun, we're heading south with our besties to spend the weekend in Arkansas. On some river. I don't even know what one. All I know is that I'll be relaxing with a cold one in my hand(s) while Justin takes Gracyn fishing for the first time. I'm also hoping the baby sleeps not horribly.

Cheers to the holiday weekend, folks!

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