DIY :: Half Bathroom Inspiration

I have the itch to PAINT something, people. Every couple of months or so I get the urge to redo a room on the house. The last one I did was Gracyn's room and while it took for-ev-er to complete, I still loved doing it. That was quite some time ago, though. And we had a baby, obvi, which puts a damper on home renovations but I finally feel like I'm getting my DIY groove back so it's time  I tackle the bathrooms.

The downstairs half bath and the upstairs bathroom are the only two rooms we did NOT paint when we moved into our house six years ago. I've had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to do with the spaces but I think I finally have it figured out. Sort of. It's going to take a lot of paint, a little demo (bye-bye 1980s seashell sink...) and a few DIY projects. I think my most favorite thing to do is browse the internet looking for things I want in my house and compiling them together in little collages as inspiration. I won't even tell you how many hours I spent curating items for my bathrooms. So many. But it's so fun. If the space turns out half as good as I'm picturing it my head, I'll be a happy camper. 

With Gracyn's help, we put up some paint samples last night to get the ball rolling. Now I just need to decide on a color. Gray? Or gray... ? The 3 samples look basically the same so I haven't made up my mind quite yet. And I didn't think I was a "skull-or-antlers" type of gal but I'm kinda digging it. And Justin said he probably had antlers in his warehouse at work that he found while out in the field. Free antlers? Um, ok!

This project will probably take me months to finish; I think I'm going to start on the upstairs bathroom at the same time seeing as how E V E R Y T H I N G needs to be primed and painted. I'll post my guest bathroom plans later this week. Stay tuned! Can't wait to get started!

As G would say, "I'm just so esssssited!"

serving tray // vase (similar) // wall art (similar) // skull // candle // shelf // tp holder // mirror // hardware // light // pulls // vanity top // doorknob // rug // hand towels

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