DIY :: Guest Bathroom Inspiration

...and a link-up for oh hey, friday. cuz that's how I roll.

In case you missed it, I posted other bathroom inspiration earlier this week. I've decided to forge ahead re-doing both at the same time which is probably a really bad idea but you know. Go big or go home. The main thing that needs to be done is paint and I might as well paint both while I have the supplies out and ready to go, right? Riiiight.

Anyway, our guest bathroom upstairs is also the girls' bathroom but I didn't want it to scream "little kids live here" so I tried to keep the decor toned down a bit. You can tell kids live here once you've spent .03 seconds in my house because there are toys everywhere and someone is usually crying. Just kidding. Kind of.

So, this is what I've come up with.

{ONE :: Accessories}

I wish I could have these exact things but that little bowl pictured below is like 60 bucks {on sale!} and that ain't happening. Inexpensive replicas and free printables are more my jam. I do love those letters though so we'll see what I can come up with when the time comes.

{TWO :: Textiles}

Currently, there is a yellow floral shower curtain hanging in the bathroom. Depending on what everything looks like once it's put together, I might leave it. Maybe. If it looks off, I'll probably switch it out for plain white.

{THREE :: Hardware}

We're replacing the counter/sink upstairs along with switching out the door hinges, knob and all the electrical outlets. It's amazing what new doorknobs and white outlets can do for a room. We've changed them out in both girls' rooms and the dining room and it makes everything look so much better. Currently they're 1980s yellow and gross.

{FOUR :: Paint}

These all pretty much look the same as samples on the wall but I think we'll go with Subtle Touch. It looks the most gray...

{FIVE :: Flooring}

We're gonna get ballsy and attempt to lay new flooring in the upstairs bath as well. Since we basically don't know what we're doing, we found this type of flooring that can be put over the existing floor. And we shouldn't need any heavy duty tools or anything so that's always good. And I think the darker color will look good since everything else will be nice and bright.

There you have it! Wish us luck! ;)

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Tubby Time

Justin's out of town for work this week so the girls soaked for a few extra minutes in the tub tonight while I sat back and watched them play together. Thanks to strategically placed bubbles and some light cropping, I deemed a handful of the approximately 157 pictures I took blog-worthy. Did you know you it was possible to take approximately 157 pictures of your kids doing totally normal everyday things like taking a bath?

Don't hate me, girls. You're both just so damn cute.

DIY :: Half Bathroom Inspiration

I have the itch to PAINT something, people. Every couple of months or so I get the urge to redo a room on the house. The last one I did was Gracyn's room and while it took for-ev-er to complete, I still loved doing it. That was quite some time ago, though. And we had a baby, obvi, which puts a damper on home renovations but I finally feel like I'm getting my DIY groove back so it's time  I tackle the bathrooms.

The downstairs half bath and the upstairs bathroom are the only two rooms we did NOT paint when we moved into our house six years ago. I've had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to do with the spaces but I think I finally have it figured out. Sort of. It's going to take a lot of paint, a little demo (bye-bye 1980s seashell sink...) and a few DIY projects. I think my most favorite thing to do is browse the internet looking for things I want in my house and compiling them together in little collages as inspiration. I won't even tell you how many hours I spent curating items for my bathrooms. So many. But it's so fun. If the space turns out half as good as I'm picturing it my head, I'll be a happy camper. 

With Gracyn's help, we put up some paint samples last night to get the ball rolling. Now I just need to decide on a color. Gray? Or gray... ? The 3 samples look basically the same so I haven't made up my mind quite yet. And I didn't think I was a "skull-or-antlers" type of gal but I'm kinda digging it. And Justin said he probably had antlers in his warehouse at work that he found while out in the field. Free antlers? Um, ok!

This project will probably take me months to finish; I think I'm going to start on the upstairs bathroom at the same time seeing as how E V E R Y T H I N G needs to be primed and painted. I'll post my guest bathroom plans later this week. Stay tuned! Can't wait to get started!

As G would say, "I'm just so esssssited!"

serving tray // vase (similar) // wall art (similar) // skull // candle // shelf // tp holder // mirror // hardware // light // pulls // vanity top // doorknob // rug // hand towels

Leighton :: Eight Months Old

E I G H T months old. This little girl continues to amaze me. She is crawling, pulling up, saying "dada", waving "hi" and attempting to clap her hands. Crazy how so much can change in 4 short weeks.

EAT | Homegirl loves to eat. Seriously. She eats more than Gracyn at any given meal. I'm talking a whole banana plus a piece of toast for breakfast. Her new favorites include eggs and cheerios. She will also get four 6 (sometimes 7) ounce bottles of formula throughout the day as well. She's been known to steal snacks from big sister and will grab at any utensil within arm's reach. We also tried out a sippy cup the other day and she didn't even blink an eye. She had no problem using it and drinking some water if we're there to help her out. LL has 6 teeth (4 on bottom, 2 on top) and two others up top seem to be coming in as well.

PLAY | She's gone mobile! Officially crawling all over the place. She also started pulling herself up on things last week. She's constantly trying to get to the couch or recliner so she can stand. I wouldn't be surprised if she's walking by 10 months like her sissy. And that's only two months away. Holy smokes...

We need to re-babyproof the house since everything we had in place for Gracyn (mainly bumpers around the fireplace and coffee table) has been torn off in pieces to be used as microphones during jam band. Thanks, G! Babies are drawn to sharp corners and concrete surfaces so we should probably get on that ASAP.

SLEEP | For the most part, things are still going smoothly in the sleep department. Holla! We're still recovering from her first 6 months of life but we have no complaints these days. Most days, she's taking two decent naps - morning and afternoon - and is ready for bed by 6:30 or 7pm. By the time we get done eating supper and get cleaned up, I'd say she's in bed asleep by 7:15 most nights. Our nightly routine consists of bath (or just a good scrub via a washcloth), jammies, oils, bottle, bed.

After her bottle we go upstairs, turn on the sound machine, insert pacifier and lay her down. She sleeps with a little lovie and it seems to signal "bed time" to her - as soon as she has it in her hands, she will lay her head on your shoulder and start to fall asleep. It's ah-mazing. Nine times out of ten, she'll fall asleep on her own. In the event that she bumps her head or gets jammed into the corner of her crib, we might need to go up and help her out but other than that, she's good. Teething is a different story, of course - we've had a few nights where she just seems restless and has woken up a few times here and there. A little tylenol and extra snuggles seem to help.

Happy 8 Months, baby girl. You and your blue eyes get me every time.

Family Pictures 2015

Just a few (...ok ALL...) of my favorites from our family photo sesh over the 4th of July. Thanks to Ashley at Blu Spout Photography for capturing my lovely little family!

Family Photos 2014

Family Photos 2013

Photo Every Hour :: Tuesday

7 AM | bottle and baby bellies
8 AM | ...seems about right.
9 AM | more coffee {for me} and a nap {for LL}
10 AM | so happy
11 AM | fall down go boom
12 PM | nom nom nom
1 PM | do werk, son.
2 PM | WAHM perk {reality TV during nap}
3 PM | sister time
4 PM | how i work between the hours of {nap is so over} and {is daddy home yet?}
5 PM | waiting for tacos...

6 PM | aka my phone died. supper was had. kitchen was cleaned.

7 PM | MLB & FB
8 PM | not picking up...
9 PM | crushin' hard. does anyone even play this anymore? just me? cool.