Family Photos, Holiday Planning and more!

What is this? A link-up? Haven't done this in awhile - feels good to get back to my linking ways...


We took family pictures a few weeks ago and they turned out pretty decent. I'm always way too critical of myself and don't always love the way I look in pictures but these aren't too shabby. We only paid for a handful of proofs and that's all I wanted/needed. One good one of the three of us and one of Gracyn who, let's face it, has never taken one bad picture in her whole entire life.
And bonus - we even got good ones of the little peanut with mama and another one with daddy...


I've already used said family photos to make our Christmas cards for this year. Go me- I'm on top of things. Not really but let's pretend shall we? I spent entirely too much time "designing" the card on Shutterfly that showcases the Oakley Three. Justin is typically against sending out a card with multiple pictures of our smiling faces so I limited it to a card with only one picture on the front this year {and two pictures on the back...but shhhh, don't tell}.


I officially started Christmas shopping the other day. On one of my 438 weekly trips to Target, I picked up a couple of outfits for G and a few board books as stocking-stuffers. The books were only $1 each so obviously I had to get them. I'm getting weirdly excited about her first Christmas. I can't wait to start some family traditions that we can carry on from year to year. I'm also excited to partake in holiday cocktails since last year I was with child and all. Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve just aren't the same without a glass of wine.

Is it too soon to start planning Gracyn's FIRST (holy. moly.) birthday party? I feel like it's too soon but the holidays are comin' quick and before we know it, it'll be 2014 which means she'll be ONE in the blink of an eye. I better hop on over to Pinterest to gather ideas.


Several ladies behind some of the blogs I read are pregnant and they're filling up my daily blog reading with weekly bump updates, newborn clothes, nursery decor and maternity leggings. It really pulls at a girl's heart (and uterus...) strings, I tell you what. And since my baby is going to technically be considered a toddler here in a few short months, {newborn} baby fever is in the hizz-ouse. I must be crazy.

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Happy weekend!


  1. your family photos are gorgeous!!! absolutely stunning!!!!!! xx

  2. Hi there, found you blog via 5 On Friday. Great post. Love the family photos. Your little girl is so sweet. You must be getting really excited for Christmas, especially with a little one which makes it so special.

    I have not even started Christmas shopping!!!

    Super story I am another pregnant blogger...everyone says the time goes by so fast when you have a newborn. I feel that this might be my only one, but then again everyone says they forget about everything they go through and once you have that baby in your arms nothing else matters.

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    1. Thanks for stopping by- and YES it goes so so so fast!

  3. Your family is adorable!!! I need to decide on a Christmas card soon since i like to get in the mail the day after Thanksgiving! I have to agree with your husband about just one picture, but the back is always fair game!

    1. Thank you! I get picture-happy so it's best that I tone it down this year ;)

  4. You inspire me to get some family pictures taken so I can make a Christmas card! My little man will be turning one soon too, crazy how fast time goes!

    1. ha, yes we FINALLY got around to getting them done! glad we could salvage a few for the card too :)

  5. Your blogs always make me laugh. I will really be laughing if you end up pregnant by Christmas and can't partake in holiday drinking...again.

    1. Haha I may have baby fever but my sane husband thinks we should wait a little bit longer to add to the bunch. So bring on the wine!!! Miss you cousin!