Gracyn :: 10 Months Old

Greetings from South Dakota. We are visiting my parents for a long weekend and it's cold here. Like "the high is 17 degrees today so let's just stay inside and drink cocktails in order to stay warm" cold.

G is 10 months old today. How this happened, I'm not sure. Poor sweet girl has been fighting a nasty cold and cough for the last week or so. I had to photo-shop snot out of every picture. True story.

I'm pretty sure I say this every month, but she is so awesome. And getting more awesome by the minute. She's perfecting her walking skills, loves to clap (sometimes she'll clap while walking almost like she's cheering herself on) and is very vocal. She'll imitate words and sounds and every time Justin says "I love you" she responds with 3 syllables that pretty much sound like she's saying "I love you" back. Heart = melted.

I cannot wait for the holidays coming up.  I keep thinking of things I want to get her and have several lists started. I have a feeling she's going to be one spoiled baby come Christmas.

Despite a cold, Gracyn is still her happy self. She's goofy and sweet and makes our lives so, so, so much better.
And I had to post this one because it pretty much sums up our world: always moving, always smiling, always talking (she was yelling in this one...) and it looks like she's playing air guitar.

We love you, baby girl!

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