Upwardly Mobile

Five on Friday. At 8:30 pm. In my pajamas. That's what's up...


Ladies and Gents, we have a walker on our hands! Miss Gracyn decided last night that she knew how to walk and took off. Well not really - she still looks like a drunken sailor waddling around the room, pausing here and there to catch her balance. But walking non the less!


And because Instagram only lets me post videos of the little lady 15 seconds at a time, I'm going to totally cheat on entries 3-5 and overload you with full videos of G's new milestone. Justin and I were the crazy, excited, goofy parents and both had our cell phones out trying to get videos of her pitter-pattering around the house. We then emailed each other the videos and now I have 13 different clips of her taking a few steps and then falling down. Don't worry, I won't post all of them...


Walking AND eating shoes. Kid's got talent.


She takes a couple of steps, falls and speed-crawls over to her toys and ignores me.


Slobbering all over one of her headbands. And I know her diaper is maxed out - we were headed to take a bath after I got just one more video...

Linkin' up. Everyone's doing it...

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