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Five on.... Tuesday.

Oh, hey, 2018! Halfway through January and I still don't have my life figured out, guys. Yep, I've been trying to publish this post since last Friday. Finally getting my act together now on my lunch break while the girls are at daycare and Baker naps (in his crib!).

But really, I wanted to pop in today just so I could share this picture of Baker...

What a goober.

Baker :: Five Months Old

Happy New Year! We've been hunkering down these first few days of January. We had a quick trip up north to Sioux Falls for New Years (where it was even colder than it was in Kansas City...) and came back in time to dismantle Christmas, organize and clean the house.

We're slowly getting back into a routine after the holidays and in the mix, Mr. Baker turned 5 months old!

Baker the Brave | Open Heart Surgery

We've had a crazy couple of weeks around here with Baker's surgery and wrapping up the holiday season. It's been 2.5 weeks since B's operation and while that's hardly any time at all, it also seems like it was ages ago. I think it's because life has picked up where it left off, like surgery almost never even happened. Baker has completely amazed us with his recovery - he spent 5 nights in the hospital and went back to life as we knew it, the noticeable changes being his emerging personality and heightened energy levels!

Doctors and other families who had gone through surgery before us talked about how fast these kiddos rebound but to see it firsthand is pretty amazing. We're so thankful for the team at St. Louis Children's Hospital and Baker's doctors here at home who all helped him have the best possible outcome. His repair looks great with only slight leakage around his reconstructed valves, which they'll continue to monitor for the rest of Baker's life. His heart defect usually only requires one surgery but should the valves worsen as he grows, it's possible he'd require another procedure years down the road but it shouldn't be anything to worry about now.

I posted to Instagram and Facebook during our hospital stay but wanted to document everything here, too, along with about 534256 more pictures... ;) This is long and there are a few pictures below that show his little body with tons of wires and tubes coming out so fair warning if you're not up for seeing those - just scroll on past!

Christmas 2017

The holiday season is coming to a close and we're all officially depressed over here! Like most, I really love this time of year and all of the things that come along with Christmas and I'm always a little sad to see it go.

We had the very best Christmas at home - just our little family of five. We had some redeeming to do after last year when I was newly pregnant and the stomach bug took us out one by one. This year, there was no sickness and we have so very much to be celebrating and to be thankful for. Our 2017 was quite the doozy to say the least so to have a peaceful holiday at home with my husband and kids was nothing short of magical. 

We kicked off the weekend by making cookies for Santa on Friday afternoon followed by a quick dinner out as a family (Chipotle because we fancy...) and then drove around a bit looking at Christmas lights. There are a few stellar neighborhoods around town and it was so fun to hear the girls in the back seat getting excited about the displays. We hung out at home on Saturday and had my cousin and her family over for dinner. The kids played, ate cookies and stayed up way too late.

We woke up to SNOW on Christmas Eve! I don't even think we got an inch but it didn't matter - everything was covered just enough to make it look like a white Christmas! I snagged pictures of the kids this morning since I knew they'd be too excited to sit still after Santa came to visit!

I think Gracyn was bundled up and outside by 9am to play. It was cold but my South Dakota heart loved it. It'd been awhile since we had snow on Christmas here in Kansas so it was fun for sure. We had our traditional spaghetti dinner followed by opening a few gifts. We always got to open a few presents on Christmas Eve as a kid and we've continued the tradition with our family!

I thought the girls would be up suuuuuper early on Christmas morning but it wasn't actually too bad. They were so excited to see what Santa had brought. Fingerlings! A Smart Watch! A scooter! They were spoiled, for sure!

We went to my cousin's house for dinner that night and spent an extra day off on Tuesday recovering and trying to organize all of our new goodies. 

I normally leave the Christmas tree and decor up until New Years Day which gives us a little extra time to enjoy this time of year. I'm very much looking forward to 2018 but trying to soak up the last few (uneventful!) days of what was a very trying year for us. We're so glad the girls are healthy and that Baker has stolen our hearts - Christmas this year just felt good - like we could breathe - and I'm so grateful for this family of mine.

Kindness is Cool

I meant to share this story last week while we were still in the hospital but the days got away from me. That's funny to me seeing as how we were literally sitting around all day long but it managed to happen! I'm trying to get caught up with work and get ready for Christmas so this week has been a little crazy but this is definitely worth sharing, especially this time of year.