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Five on Friday | Life With Baker

We've survived our first full week at home with our sweet boy!

He's still pretty sleepy and we typically need to wake him up to eat every 3 hours. We're doing a combination of breastfeeding, bottles of pumped milk and formula as a means to make sure he's gaining weight like he should these first few weeks. I'm hoping as he grows that we'll be able to move to a nursing-on-demand type of routine but we'll just have to wait and see and read his cues!

Baker's Birth Story

I've been trying to find a time to type up Baker's birth story this last week while we were in the hospital. I thought I'd have some "down time" but it turns out they keep you pretty busy in the NICU between nurses coming and going, lab draws, feeding, pumping and napping. I should get used to it because we're home now and I'm expecting life with three kids to be utter chaos. Any "down time" will cease to exist, I'm sure of it!

We had a previously scheduled birth date of August 23rd which meant I was supposed to have 3 more weeks to get ready for this guy.

This boy had other plans! (I apologize in advance for the novel that follows below... ha!)

It's a Boy!

I was going to type up a nice weekend recap blogpost for today because Justin and I had big plans to get some stuff done around the house while the girls were still with my parents. Things like cleaning and getting the babe's car seat installed. Get the pack 'n play set up in our room, make sure we had things ready for the hospital. We had a day-date planned for Saturday and everything! 

Guess who had other plans?!?!

#HomeByOakley Home Tour | Baker's Nursery

It's official - all three of my kids (Gracyn's room here and Leighton's room here!) have way cooler rooms than I do. I think the master bedroom might be my next little project. But first! Baker's sweet nursery is all ready for him!

It came together really well (inspiration can be found here!) without too much trouble. We used our existing furniture (crib, dresser, glider and ottoman) so really only needed some fresh decor and materials for the pegboard.

It's Baby Month!

It's August! It's baby month! It's time to freak out a bit because ready or not, this kid is coming. SOON!

I cannot believe that in 3 short weeks, Baker will be joining our family. It's been a wild ride to say the least. This pregnancy has been full of challenges and added stress and, at the same time, full of encouragement and support. The love we feel for this sweet boy is out of this world and I'm so excited to finally meet him.