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Baker :: Eight Months Old

Eight months! March was busy and filled with doctor appointments. Baker continues to be a rockstar and takes each one with stride. There hasn't been a ton of progress developmentally but he still had a big month!

Five on Friday, Finally!

I've been meaning to get a Five on Friday post published since what feels like the beginning of the year. Life, man.

Justin's been out of town all week, the kids have been well behaved for the most part (minus a few tantrums about the flavor of granola bars left in the pantry) and my parents arrived last night to spend the Easter weekend with us.


We're gearing up for Easter and I've gotten the kids' baskets all squared away. I tried getting Baker a basket to match the girls but couldn't find anything so naturally, had to buy three brand new ones. Target to the rescue!

We don't go overboard on Easter baskets or anything like that - the girls will get some candy and they're each getting a new book, a shirt and/or dress and a few other small things. We have a neighborhood hunt on Saturday morning and the Easter Bunny will make a stop so they can hunt eggs at home on Sunday.

Gracyn's Basket:

Leighton's Basket:

Baker's Basket:

Helmet hair, don't care!

Poor little dude received his helmet this week. He's not sure what to think but he's handling it like a champ. I know it's for the best but I'm super bummed I can no longer easily kiss his head and face all day long. The big old helmet gets in the way so it'll be an adjustment for everyone involved.

We hope to have him out of by his first birthday in August. In the meantime, his hair will be sticking straight out the top while we support the Boys in Blue.


And as if this kid didn't have enough going on, Baker is scheduled to get ear tubes placed on Monday morning. He'll be put under anesthesia for the procedure but we're hoping its quick and easy and we're back home by lunch time. He's had fluid built up in his ears I'm guessing since birth and it's affecting his hearing. I'm hopeful the tubes will help drain out that fluid and make it so he can hear us and the world around him and that it'll only help further his development.

If you could send us positive vibes come Monday, we'd surely appreciate it!


I started working out. Like, for real this time. I successfully completed my first 21 Day Fix program and definitely saw some changes! The scale only went down about 2.5 pounds but I lost a total of nine inches as well! Pretty crazy. I started out strong on my nutrition and drinking the chocolate shakeology but about midway through I got totally burned out on the flavor.

I tried following the recommended eating plan and while I wasn't as strict as I probably should have been (I'm looking at you, Easter candy...) I was definitely more conscious about what I was eating throughout the day. Still needed my coffee, still needed my one diet coke a day but cut back on stuffing my face with leftover mac & cheese from the kids' lunches and only ate ice cream once in the 21 days. Totally winning, right!?

I need to decide what workout program to do next. Any one else do Beachboy on Demand and have a fave?!


Justin's birthday is next Sunday - any gift suggestions for a middle aged man?! ;) He asked for new lawn chairs like any normal 36 year old would so I think I can handle that. His birthday always coincides with the beginning of baseball season so maybe we can hit up a Royals game sometime soon to celebrate some more!

That's all I have for today. And I know why I can't manage to blog more often these days - this one post took me like, three hours! Again, LIFE.

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!

3:21 // World Down Syndrome Day

Hey girl, it's World Down Syndrome Day!

Baker's smirk and his belly are ready to celebrate 3:21! World Down Syndrome Day comes around each year on March 21st, celebrating and honoring those with three copies of the 21st chromosome like our own resident homie.

Baker :: Seven Months Old

The blog lives! For monthly updates, at least. I wish I had the time and energy to visit this space a little more regularly but my brain is literal mush by the end of the day and I have nothing profound left to say. I do love that I make it a point to keep up with these monthly snapshots, though, especially for each kiddo's first year.

Our Baker Man is S E V E N months old!

Leighton Says

I cannot believe I haven't done a "Leighton Says" post yet! My Gracyn Says posts are some of my favorites because I love going back and reading the funny stuff she says. It's about time Lei-Lei got her own post - girlfriend does not disappoint now that she's talking so well!

As I followed her up the street to the neighbor's house, in a very annoyed voice...
Leighton: Mom, go way. Go home, mom.

After Justin asked her to stop doing something...
Leighton: it's ok, dad. dad, it's ok!

Driving Gracyn to school one day...
Leighton: oh my gosh it's so soggy out!

Through tears while potty training...
Leighton: ...but I don't wanna wear big girl undies forever!

After I asked Gracyn to talk to Leighton about said potty training...
Gracyn: Leighton, I just wanna talk to you about the potty...
Leighton: no, sissy! I don't wanna talk bout that right now.

After I asked her when she was going to start pooping in the potty...
Leighton: um, maybe on Friday?

Playing by herself...
Leighton: oh bless her little heart.

Randomly as I was getting ready one day...
Leighton: mom, is that a bad word?
Mackenzie: is what a bad word?
Leighton: psycho.

Trying to get my attention:
Leighton: MOTHER!

Stalling bedtime, yet again...
Leighton: but I have to brush my teeth! I'm going to the dentist and her will be mad at me!

Pointing (and speaking very loudly!) to a stranger at the store...
Leighton: mom, what's her name?!
Mackenzie: oh, I'm not sure!
Leighton: hm.. maybe Cinderella.

Yes, maybe. ;)