Back to School with Hanna Andersson {+ a Coupon Code}

Right off the bat, I'm fully aware Gracyn is in need of a serious haircut. Her straggly hair is out of control in the above pic. But she's still pretty cute, no?

Ok, so I might not have school-aged kids yet but I still get a little giddy with all of the back-to-school hullabaloo comin' at me via the interwebs, social media and TV commercials advertising a new pack of pretty pencils. All alliteration aside (oops, I did it again...), I just get excited knowing the cooler fall weather is on its way and the neighborhood kiddos will be catching the bus every morning. I'll probably be even more excited when my kids actually get on that bus and give this mama a teeny tiny break.

Not that I'm wishing time away or anything like that because once they're in school I'm sure I'll be left at home wondering how in the hell they grew up so fast while crying into my {still hot} cup of coffee.

No, totally not wishing time away BUT. Hot coffee, ya'll.

The girls might not be headed to elementary quite yet but they will need a fresh, new fall wardrobe. Every season, we have to revamp Gracyn's closet since she grows like a weed. Leighton is used to the hand-me-downs but at 7.5 months old, she weighs as much as Gracyn did at one year. Everything we have for "fall" clothing is quickly becoming too small. And the little sister deserves some new duds too!

Thanks to Hanna Andersson, we've died and gone to back-to-school heaven. We went shopping this weekend and picked up a few goodies. My best friend Kels and her little girl Harper helped us out, too. Second generation besties. I can't even.

Hanna Andersson also happens to have THE best jammies in all the land. They're so soft and comfy. We tried to stage a baby slumber party in the girls' new pjs but it was a complete cluster. I have no idea how the professionals get quality shots when working with tiny humans. But I guess that's why they're the professionals and we are as amateur as they come...

Get yo'self some, peeps.

Find a local Hanna Andersson store near you and pick up a few of these super cute items, ok? And BONUS! See below for 15% off your purchase (in store only! INCLUDES SALE ITEMS!)

And do kids even use pencils anymore? Or is everything just done on iPads and other electronic devices? Please tell me they still use pencils.

Disclosure: I was given a gift certificate in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own as I'd never promote something I wouldn't personally use or buy. And I mean, really. These clothes are the bomb dot com.


  1. You may be an amateur, but your pics are super. ....a couple of them made me laugh out loud. Yes, Gracyn may need a haircut,but that pic is sooooooooo cute!!!

  2. Hanna is not honoring this coupon.