Leighton :: Nine Months Old

Sweet, sweet Leighton. You have turned into a bulldozer this month. Your crawling has picked up speed and you will push through anything that stands in your way. This includes your sister. You are perfecting your baby body slam and you find it quite funny. Gracyn tolerates you about half the time. The other time she doesn't love it when you try to pinch her nose or poke her eye. 

You've also learned how to climb stairs and G comes running to tell me any time you try to climb on your own. That sister is looking out for you. Most of the time anyway. 

EAT | Sister girl will eat whatever we eat except for honey. We tried peanut butter this month and she likes it. Toast with peanut butter is a regular breakfast around these parts. She will also slam a whole banana if you let her. She eats fast and eats a lot. Or I guess what seems like a lot for such a little person. She continues to eat more than Gracyn at any given meal, that's for sure. We still do four 6-ounce bottles of formula during the day, too.

PLAY | The last week or so I've actually noticed Gracyn playing with Leighton, which is nice. LL will usually follow G around, crawling behind. Gracyn likes to tell her what to do - big surprise, right?

It's funny. 

Gracyn will tell her, "stay there, way-ton!", walk a few feet and then call her like a dog while patting her knee... "come here, girl. come here!" Leighton thinks it's hilarious and will charge toward her. Leighton likes to steal toys and we're trying to explain to Gracyn to keep her stuff out of reach if she doesn't want sister to play with it. It's only the beginning, I'm sure.

SLEEP | Usually sleeping 7pm - 7am give or take. She's been waking up a few times throughout the night but I'm positive her teeth are bothering her. She has seven and is thisclose to cutting the eighth. I'm hoping it comes through and she goes back to sleeping all night before we go on vacation next week and my parents are here with her. She still needs two decent naps a day but she doesn't always get it - if her morning nap is strong (2+ hours) I can bet on her afternoon nap being short, and vice versa. Today, she didn't even take a morning nap. Her afternoon nap was pretty nonexistent, too, which meant she was super pleasant this evening. Not.

I would prefer she take a shorter morning nap and then be ready to go down around 1pm when I try to get Gracyn down. Otherwise they're down at separate times, I have less time to get uninterrupted work done and it kinda throws my whole afternoon off. Not that it should matter because the toddler boycotts naps half the time anyway so really, we're just a hot mess over here on any given day.

Size 12 month onesie. Size 18 month pants. Thighs for dayyyyys.

A miracle occurred when we were taking pictures today. Gracyn actually wanted to take a pic with her sissy. They're just delicious, I tell you. Model status. I love these two gals with my whole heart...

Happy 9 Months, Leighton Lynn. You are the best.


  1. They are little twins in that last picture together!

  2. I hope you frame a couple of these photos ... wonderful! Love the post and can 'hear' Gracyn calling her sister to come! Haha ... we'll be well entertained, I'm sure. Looking forward to making memories.

  3. They are just too cute. I can't stand it.