DIY :: Guest Bathroom Reveal

I'm so glad I have these pictures to remember how this space looked - for a mere two weeks. I started this little project before we decided to sell our home and move so the bathroom was only actually "finished" and put back together long enough to have listing pictures taken.

Since then, I've started packing things away but I have every intention of setting things up again in the new house once we're settled. The girls will share a jack-n-jill bathroom that will be bright, white and airy so these goodies will still be put to use!

Like the rest of the house, we started with a 1980s pallet and all I wanted to do was get rid of the orange-y cabinets and scratched trim. I stalked the internet for inspiration and then tried to find knockoff copycats and things from the clearance bins to accessorize... ;)

We touched just about every surface, including the floor. We didn't originally intend on updating the flooring but we had never done something like that before so we just went for it. We ended up using Allure Resilient Plank flooring from Home Depot and it was so easy to install. We don't have any fancy saws or tools so this was the perfect option. Definitely recommend!

The cabinet looks SO much better after being painted. I had originally planned to replace the vanity top (and found one for under $200) but it was just a tad bit too long. The cabinet is a weird 58-inches and I could not find a vanity top to match - they were all 60 inches - and I think it would have looked strange with the counter extending towards the toilet an extra 2 inches. If money wasn't an issue, I would have just replaced the whole thing. But, I'm a cheap-o so I had to find something else.

The solution? MORE PAINT! I found a countertop paint kit and decided to try it out. Worst case scenario, I ruined the whole entire thing. Best case? No more nasty '80s countertop. It was worth a shot!

The kit was super easy to use as long as you follow the directions and allow ample drying time in-between coats. I honestly don't LOVE the final color (too much gold/tan for me, I think) but it's definitely better than the original! And, the end color is totally MY fault since you literally dab on each color in a random pattern. It looks kinda like granite from a distance so I think it works for now!

Also, almost panicked when I had to prime the countertop BLACK...

I don't have a ton of pictures of the little details or accessories. Because of selling, I didn't put as many final touches on it as I would have if we were staying in the home. I found a couple of shelves from local antique malls and some little trinkets from At Home and Target and called it good!

And that's that! I really hope the new owners love it.. ;)

Here are a few sources in case you're interested...

Wall Color :: "Subtle Touch"by Behr
Rug - $6.99 from At Home!


  1. It looks great and it really is so much brighter than before ... a job well done!

  2. We used the same type of vinyl plank flooring in the basement of our old house and loved it! The bathroom looks great...I'm sure the new owners will love it and appreciate the updates!

  3. You are so brave! Your bathroom looks awesome! Love it all! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful bathroom!!!! I am so jealous! I love it.