baby by oakley: Opening Day


Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening Day

Blogging at 10pm because this feels like the first time I've been able to sit down allll dayyy. I am so over you, Monday.

But! I couldn't pass up the chance to link up with a few of my fave bloggers (and some fellow Kansas City Royals fans!) to celebrate opening day!

We have all the heart eyes for the Royals around here; the entire city is excited! We were running a few errands yesterday and pretty much everyone was wearing blue.

We have to do a little shopping since the girls have outgrown their KC gear from last year but we managed to throw on blue and white outfits and call it good! We took a few selfies, I tried (and failed) to bribe them to take a picture together and then blew bubbles instead once I realized a photo shoot was out of the question. :)

Here's to another great season!


  1. They are adorable, it was one of those mondays here too. Here's to a less chaotic Tuesday!

  2. Adorable - all three of you! ... and the Royals!

  3. The royal blue and white is perfect!! Who needs legit {EXPENSIVE} Royal's apparel?! Go Royals!

  4. Bowing bubbles trumps pretty much everything at our house too ;) I love their non-royals Royals gear! Also impressed their shirts are both very white still...pretty sure if I put anything white on my son it would be covered in dirt/snot/food within minutes.

  5. Pretty girls!! :) So a guy at church asked me if we were going to the game because we all had on blue. I was like dude, look around...EVERYONE here has on blue!

  6. In honor of opening day yesterday, my girls are wearing KS Royals gear. We love the Giants, but we have family in KS who sends them Royals gear. Since they are opposite leagues, we put them in their Royals gear as well.

  7. SO cute!!! Love you girls sporting your blue!
    And how awesome you are a KC Moms Blog contributor... I just joined my local one too.. the Anaheim Moms Blog!

  8. I've found so many Royals fans from this link up!! We are too. :)