Quick Five

A quick five recapping our week...


So. Monday was Halloween and we are still recovering over here. Crabby kids galore this week thanks to too many sweets and not enough rest. Leighton legitimately throws her body on the ground when you tell her she's hit her M&M quota for the day. Gracyn likes to take one large bite out of her chosen piece of candy only to declare she doesn't like it and needs a different one. I'm a total pushover so before I know it, she's had the equivalent of three fun-size candy bars instead of the one she was supposed to eat initially. Smart girl, I tell you.


Tuesday was November 1st! I'd be all excited except that it was 80 degrees outside. G rode to swimming lessons in just her swimsuit and enjoyed a catnap along the way...

I'd be OK if it decided to cool down a little bit so we could actually get a Fall before it starts snowing. And speaking of snow, I'm really hoping we actually get snow this winter. My South Dakota heart is longing for a snow day or two filled with sledding and hot chocolate.


Poor Leighton has been pretty constipated this whole week and I've talked more about poop the last 5 days than I have in a lifetime. On Wednesday night I trekked to Target for some supplies to help encourage the little lady to just let it go. Sorry for the visual.

My brother is a pediatrician so I sent him a video of the poor girl walking around holding her booty saying, "poo poo! poo poo!" in the most pitiful voice asking for suggestions. He, along with one of my neighbors, suggested I take her rectal temperature to possibly jump start some movement. Now, I know I'm a mom and all but I have NEVER taken a baby's rectal temp. It freaks me out. Plus, we have a digital forehead thermometer that seems to work juuuuuuust fine.

Anyway, we were desperate so Justin helped me do that but I really just couldn't fully commit so I pumped her full of raisins and juice and miralax instead. We got a box of suppositories to have on hand just in case but we haven't used them quite yet. We've had a little luck so I'm hoping she's back to normal soon.


I tend to keep my political opinions to myself but I took advantage of early voting yesterday and brought my daughters with me as I cast my vote for the first woman President of the United States. ;)


And today. Friday! The kids and I are on our way to Sioux Falls to spend the weekend at my parents' house. Justin is staying behind with Rufus. He was originally scheduled to go out of town for work but that ended up getting pushed back and he wasn't able to get today and Monday off work. So it's just the girls! We'll hopefully squeeze in some time with my cousins and I get to see a handful of my high school besties at a baby shower for our dear friend.

Cheers to the weekend!

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