DIY :: Ornament Wreath

It's no secret that I have a slight obsession with ornament wreaths. I've made several over the years trying to channel my inner Virginia but with moving over the summer, none of them survived. I'm still finding random pink glitter ornaments rolling out of boxes and bags downstairs in our storage room.

I decided we needed a few more for the new house so the girls and I gathered supplies at Walmart and got to work. I wanted to make one for each of their bedroom doors and G picked out the colors. They're super easy to make using a craft wreath (I used styrofoam but think wood would work just as well, if not better...), cheap ornaments and a hot glue gun. 

It always takes more ornaments than I expect. I started with this tub of 40 bigger ornaments and a couple of packages of smaller ones and ended up having to go back to the store for more to make Gracyn's wreath. I feel Christmas wreaths in general are kind of pricey and you can buy pre-made ornament wreaths at the store (but really, WHO would spend $650 on one?!?!  This one is actually affordable!) but I do think I saved a little money by making them myself. I think I got 2 done for around $50 total after having to buy more ornaments. If I had shopped around for cheaper ornaments (Dollar General or even Goodwill sometimes has them), I could have saved a few extra bucks.

I took the tops off of the first layer of ornaments and placed them around both the inside and outside of the wreath, top up (if that makes sense. Since it didn't have anything to hang it up with, I just found some string and tied it around the wreath so I'd be able to hang it on the wreath hanger.

After gluing the first layer all in place, I flipped the weather over and started filling in on the other side.

Gracyn was so excited to hang it up on her door! I love how this one turned out and love the colors she picked.

Leighton's wreath is silver, pink and blue with a few random gold ornaments thrown in as fillers. Justin runs into it every time he goes into her room so me may need to find a safe place for it to live this holiday season! I don't want them falling apart! I'm also buying a few of these to help keep them in good shape.

Have you made an ornament wreath before?! I really enjoy making them but one on every door might be overkill...


  1. This looks amazing, and would be perfect either indoor or out! Loving the colours as well :)

  2. Looks mighty professional to me and soooo merry and jolly. In your spare time, you should go on the arts and crafts circuit.