Happy Friday! We have the most glorious, Christmassy weekend ahead and I couldn't be more excited. The baby is napping, Gracyn is with Justin, work is slow, and I'm binging on Scandal. Can't complain about my Friday one bit.


Speaking of Gracyn. She is on her very first daddy-daughter date with Justin! He took her to his office so he could finish up a tiny bit of work this morning and then they're off to see The Good Dinosaur for G's first movie experience. I'm guessing she'll have to go potty 17 times, but it'll still be so fun for them.


Red had a busy week of hanging around the house. Still no complaints on my end regarding this little elf but I can see how people can caught up in the hoopla. I think I forgot to move him every night this week and had to quick figure out something before the kids came downstairs in the morning. Luckily our elf hasn't decided to do anything elaborate. Yet.


Gracyn and I have been busy this week crafting away. It breaks up our days a bit when we're stuck at home and keeps her entertained. She fell in love with the glue stick this week and we ended up making a few fun things to hang in her room.

First up, christmas lights made from her fingerprints. I found the original idea here and of course, ours didn't turn out anything like the original inspiration. Gracyn went a little rouge and started dabbing fingerprints all over the canvass, but I still like how it turned out. After we were finished, I decided to add gold leaf foil because GOLD LEAF FOIL ruInS EVERYTHING. I have a problem. I couldn't just leave it alone. Ha. It at least now matches (kind of) the other paintings in her room.


I also have a slight obsession with ornament wreaths thanks to this blog. I made one a few years ago and when I went to hang it this year, half of the ornaments had fallen off. So I decided to recycle the ones that I could and have Gracyn help me pick out a new color scheme. We hit up HobLob and she immediately chose the pink, glittery ornaments. I rolled with it, thinking we could hang it in her room, which she agreed would be an excellent idea.

1000 ornaments later and no less than 5 burned fingertips (thanks, glue gun..) this beauty is done. I love it. It might have to live in her bedroom all year long.


We're heading to see Santa in the morning. I'm predicting a level 5 freak out on both girls' accounts. Tomorrow night we're checking out the Downtown Dazzle too. Free trolleys, hot drinks and all the Christmas spirit you could want. Sooo excited.

To further my Christmas cheer,  I attempted to take a picture of our Christmas tree like a real photographer. I'm not a real photographer so I wasn't surprised when they did not turn out but one of my life goals for next year is to learn how to use my camera better by using it more often.  For now, I'll just pretend and then slap a filter on it..

Happy weekend!


  1. Awwww, daddy-daughter dates are the best.

  2. What a sweet daddy-daughter date...she'll love it! And the ornament wreath is adorable! I would totally leave it up all year round :) Have fun this weekend!

  3. Love the pic of Justin & Gracyn and the wreath looks great in her room! Her fingerprint painting turned out fantastic for a first-timer - crafty love!