Pompoms make everything better.

This week was exhausting, ya'll! Between the election and the kids and work and feeling sick last night, I am done for. So glad it's Friday.

I do want to say a quick "thank you" to those who took time to read my post from Wednesday. Some commenters were anonymous or didn't leave an email so I couldn't respond to everyone individually but I appreciate the kind words. The world needs more kind words at this point and I'm hoping people can remember to treat each other with compassion and understanding as we move forward.

I was going to do a full Five on Friday post but I didn't get around to it. Instead, Leighton and I had a pom-pom fight in the playroom yesterday afternoon and my life was instantly better. Kids, man.

They always have a way of cheering you up.

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  1. Best game ever!! Haha ... silly girls ... made me smile!