Friday Five

Justin has been out of town for work alllll week long and I ran out of wine on Wednesday so you KNOW I'm glad to see Friday. He'll be home tonight and I'll be headed to the liquor store. Juuuuuust kidding. Kind of.


Did you see yesterday's post?! I seriously spent more time stalking the pages of Uncommon Goods finding unique gifts for my friends and family. So many goodies! Be sure to check it out as you start - or finish up - your shopping!


I snagged a great deal on some Sperry duck boots a few weeks ago and LOVE THEM. Too bad it's been 75 degrees all week and I have yet to wear them. They're still on sale if you're in the market! Never mind my different colored socks, I was trying to decide which ones looked better... #stillundecided


My Christmas wish list is quickly becoming completely random. So far, it includes taco holders (because EVERY time we have hardshell tacos, which is honestly once a week, I get mad when they tip over after putting all the toppings on; everything just spills out onto the plate; we NEED these. Or these if we want to get fancy...), potholders (because I'm super cool..), an alarm clock and leggings that aren't see-through. Oh, and this mug.


I usually have trouble coming up with gifts for Justin but not this year! Not sure why but I have so many ideas for him. Lucky guy. I'd tell you what they are but he's one of the, like, seven people that read this little blog and I don't want to spoil the surprises! ;)


On a sad note, we are venturing on an unexpected road trip this weekend to attend a memorial service for my uncle who passed away. We're driving up to my parents' house on Saturday and will head into Iowa on Monday morning for his service, then head back to KC on Monday afternoon. We have a lot of driving coming up since we're heading to Tulsa for Thanksgiving but I'm glad we're able to make the trip. It'll be good to see some extended family and spend time together as we remember Uncle Bob.

Hope you all have a safe and happy weekend - it's ALMOST time to consume abnormal amounts of turkey and pie! Eeee!


  1. Time could slow down a bit, Christmas will be here all too soon!

  2. You always make me laugh! Enjoy that trip to the liquor store--solo--because you def deserve it! I have a pair of those Sperry duck boots on my Christmas list - so cute! And taco holders!!!! Bahahaha! You could just buy the hard shells that are flat on the bottom. Safe travels this weekend and I'm sorry about the loss of your family member.

  3. I was just saying the other day how we need taco stands! haha! So you're not the only one with a super fancy Christmas wish list ;) Also...go straight to the liquor store when Justin gets deserve a drink for sure for riding solo this week!

  4. I love those boots! I think I like the dark socks better with them if you are looking for a vote. I so wish you could share your gift list for your hubs because I am STRUGGLING (like I always do) with what to get Danny.

  5. Adorable boots! And if it makes you feel any better, my wish list consists of a vacuum cleaner!! Hope you all have a great weekend and everything goes well! Stopping by from FIve on Friday!

  6. LOVE those boots! And that mug is cracking me up.