Holiday Shopping with Uncommon Goods

I know Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK but I'm afraid I'm in full-blown Christmas mode over here. We hung up Christmas lights on the house last weekend and I'm itching to unpack all of our holiday decorations. This will be our first Christmas in our new home and I cannot wait to start making some memories.

Now, I'm all about decorating WEEKS ahead of the actual holiday. But. I always, always struggle with getting a jumpstart on my shopping. Nowadays I'm feeling extra pressure since both girls have birthdays so close to Christmas, too. I need all the gift ideas and I need them now!

This is where Uncommon Goods comes in! Uncommon Goods is an online retailer featuring handmade items, jewelry, home decor and gift ideas for everyone on your list. Uncommon Goods prides itself on curating product that is environmentally friendly (about 1/3 of their entire collection is made up of recycled and/or up cycled materials) while providing exceptional customer service along the way, for which they've been awarded for every year since 2007.

And since this is the season of giving and all, Uncommon Goods donates $1 of every purchase made to the charity of your choice! They support non-profits like Reach Out & Read, International Rescue Committee and RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. Basically, they're just good people. And the world could use a little more good these days, right? Right.

I loved browsing their site and finding things to add to the girls' holiday wish list. Here are a few of my favorites. Don't forget to check out their gift ideas for the other gals (mom, sisters, friends) on your list here and the special men in your life here! Tons of great ideas!

1 // Indestructible Nursery Rhyme Books // We love books around here but we're not quite to the point where we can trust Leighton alone with a book that has real paper pages. These hard-core board books would be perfect to add to our collection.

2 // Foreign Language Blocks // I love the idea of kids learning a foreign language early on. It will only benefit them in the long run so these foreign language blocks would be a good place to start. Maybe if we got the Chinese version, the kids could once and for all verify that the impulse tattoo on my ankle does indeed read "love" in Chinese. ;)

3 // Chalkboard Placemats // We've had laminated placemats for the kids at our kitchen island for a couple of months now and they're already covered in pen and marker scribbles. I like setting the girls up there with some art supplies while I get dinner started or finish work but they don't always keep things on the paper. Having placemats that are meant to write on would be awesome!

4 // Free Play Magnetic Tablet // We have a little magnadoodle that the kids constantly fight over so this magnetic tablet would be a hit as well.

5 // Pallina Dropping Ball Game // Family game night, anyone?! Love this little game and love that all of us would be able to play it together.

6 // Sleeper Hero Bedtime Buddy // Will this thing keep my kids from waking up 21324 times a night? Will it keep them in their respective beds allllllll night long? Will it help this tired mama get some actual sleep? Yes? I'll take two, please.

7 // DIY String Art Kit // Forget the kids, can I play with this? There are adult classes that teach string art and I've been wanting to attend one and get my craft on. I'm a big fan of anything like this that I can do easily with the kids and pass on my love of DIY.

8 // Kinetic Sand // Gracyn really loves playing with kinetic sand. We usually set her up on a blanket on the floor to play; she's supposed to keep it all in the container but in reality, she gets it everywhere. After every play sesh, I'm left scraping chunks from the blanket or sweeping it up off the floor. Some of it is salvageable but our supply is quickly dwindling. We're due for some replacement sand so these options would be perfect.

Happy shopping!

This post is sponsored by Uncommon Goods. All opinions and gift-guiding are my own.. ;)



  1. Good ideas and since I've not heard of this place, I'll check it out! Let the shopping begin!

  2. This place has so many cool things!! I swear I browsed their website for hours, yet some of these products are still new to me! And I just received something I included in my gift guide for my dad and it turned out amazing!!!