Halloween 2015

Leighton's first Halloween was a success! Our little Tinkerbell and her Pirate of a big sister had fun trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. We didn't hit up too many houses but G collected her candy and immediately started asking when she could start eating it. By the end of the evening, the baby was cold and cranky and the Royals game was starting so we called it a night.

When I asked Gracyn a month or so ago what she wanted to be for Halloween, she promptly said a pirate. Actually, it was more like, "Pirate! Arrrrrrrrgh." every time anyone mentioned a costume. A coordinating Tink was a natural choice for sissy.

I put together her tutu with lime green glitter tulle. We now have a trail of glitter up our stairs and on the driveway. I found a lime green tank top in Gracyn's old clothes and added it to the costume last minute. It pretty much made her glow in the dark but she still looked cute.

The girls had festive outfits all day and ended the night relaxing in their boo 'jams.

this girl and her model pose... #trouble
waiting for trick-or-treaters

And because I can't help myself...

i. can't. even.


  1. You should have added the witch costume from 2013 too - G was pretty cute. Glad Gracyn actually went up to ask ... so cute when they do. Good job on the costumes, Mom ... always more fun when you create one for the kiddos! <3

  2. You did great on their costumes!!