oh hey, friday!

Let's jump right in, shall we?


We went to the World Series Parade and every decision we made that day was the wrong one. SO MANY PEOPLE. We should have turned around after it took 2 hours to get from our house to the Plaza. The lines for the shuttles were absolutely insane and public transportation was running wayyy behind. There was no good way to get downtown but we finally arrived.

We could only get as far as Liberty Memorial, sat on a grassy patch for about 20 minutes and turned around to try and make it back to our car.

Some might say it was worth it but I think I beg to differ. At least they we did it. A few of my gal friends totally risked it to find off-street parking near the parade route but it paid off. They were actually able to see the players, unlike us who cheered from a mile away! ;)

The girls were good sports about the ordeal and were in very good spirits the whole day, which made it bearable, but I think I've hit my quota for crowds of 800,000 people for a lifetime.


This girl. Almost 11 months old and in 18 month clothing. Even some of our 24 month stuff fits but I am having the hardest time finding shoes for her chunky little feet! Boots, specifically, since she's almost walking and it's almost winter.

I hate spending a ton of money on their shoes because they grow out of them so quickly so I've picked up a pair from both Target and Walmart hoping they'll fit but they won't go over her little ankles. The ones from Target don't even zip over her calves! What's a girl to do!?

She has a pair of moccs that stay on well but she's quickly outgrowing them. I might have to snag another pair but I was hoping to also find something for colder weather. Do they make "wide" shoes for babies? I'll have to do some internet browsing, I think.


I found this shirt on clearance (UNDER $5!) at Target. I'm kind of obsessed but I think it's because it reminds me of a Royals shirt. I feel like I need to get a crown screenprinted on the front of it or something... #royalsonthebrain #allthetime


Five years late to the party, but I finally started watching Scandal on Netflix and OHHHH. EMMM. GEEEE.


I binge-watch during naptime and will stay up past midnight watching on my phone under the covers with my headphones so the light of Olivia Pope doesn't disturb a sleeping Justin next to me.

It's gooooood.


Ever since we went on vacation, Gracyn has been asking to go on a trip. We're trying to plan a "stay-cation" sometime before Thanksgiving. The weekends are filling up quickly so hopefully we can get it planned. Not quite sure what we're going to do but maybe get a hotel so we can go swimming and hang out a bit. We'll see!

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. I totally feel you on the boot situation! My little Landry actually has tiny little feet, but then super chunky legs...so I have just accepted the fact that she won't be able to wear boots this year. Moccs are about the only thing that are working for us right now...in size 0-6 months!! And you did good on your Target clearance find...I'm jealous!

  2. It seems like having a good or bad experience at the parade was just based on luck. So when the Royals win again next year I think I'll be booking a hotel downtown the night before ;) And I love that Target top--what a good find! I always found the Target boots to be too tight around Arden's baby calves...did the Wal-Mart ones work? Maybe try Old Navy too...some of theirs have slits on the top. Happy weekend!!