Easter Weekend 2017

We had a nice long weekend with family and friends celebrating Easter. My parents came down and we spent the first half of the weekend dying eggs, running errands and playing outside. We hit up Deanna Rose on Saturday playing with the baby goats and enjoying the nice weather. The babies were "full" so we weren't able to feed them bottles of milk this time but Gracyn did love her first ride on the ponies!

Justin and I had a little date night on Saturday night while my parents stayed with the kids. It had been awhile since we snuck away for dinner and it was so nice meeting up with friends for some BBQ and live music. We had fun, even though we all complained of being tired and old!

The Easter Bunny came in time for Sunday morning and lets just say that next year, I'm going to leave a note for that old bunny to bring something other than candy. Stickers, small annoying toys, money. ANYTHING other than 34240293412 jelly beans. ;) The girls were high by 10 am..

We had a small egg hunt in our family room that morning followed by a neighborhood hunt in our cul-de-sac for all the kiddos. The bunny surprised everyone, too, by showing up and taking some pictures with the kids and their families. We hosted my parents and my aunt and uncle for a later-afternoon dinner, more time outside with neighbors and tried to get the girls to bed at a decent hour.

The girls were a straight-up hot mess come Monday morning - the Easter hangover is real - but we had a great little weekend!

Sunday also marked our SIXTH wedding anniversary! Justin and I met 10 years ago this August, which just seems crazy, and I can't believe we've been married 6 years now and are getting ready to welcome our third child. It's been a wild ride but I love having him as my partner in crime! Cheers to many more years ahead!

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  1. Your pictures are great! It looks like such a great weekend. We love Deanna Rose!

    Annnnd Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!!
    That damn bunny brought us a bunch of candy too ;) Sugar highs and crashes and a no nap kind of day but we survived! I guess thats just Easter.

  3. Seems so long ago already but we had a fantastic weekend with you and your family. All that energy on your cul-de-sac brings back memories of your childhood ... only you deal with more littles! Miss our girls and their giggles, smiles and hugs. Till next time ... love you all.