Gracyn Says...

While getting ready for bed on a day she happened to take a nap...
Gracyn: ugh, i just can't handle this.
Mackenzie: handle what?
Gracyn: all this napping!

While walking...
Gracyn: ah! i have a booty wedge!
Mackenzie: you mean a wedgie?
Gracyn: yeah, it went up my butt!

Gracyn: i have ten fingers and ten toes.
Mackenzie: me, too.
Gracyn: are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Mackenzie: what?
Gracyn: that's ten cool!

Sitting at the counter while coloring...
Gracyn: ahhh. i love being naked.

After getting a fork full of birthday cake...
Gracyn: oh come here, you!

Discussing baby names...
Gracyn: mom, the baby's name should be Prince. Prince Oakley. And he'll be my big brother when he grows up.
Mackenzie: but we don't know it's a boy or girl yet.
Gracyn: IT'S A BOY, OK!?

Randomly one afternoon:
Gracyn: mom, can you sign me up for singing lessons?
Mackenzie: yeah sure!
Gracyn: that way I can play the trumpet and guitar.

We woke up to her singing one Saturday morning to the tune of Moana...
Gracyn: i wish i could be the perfect daughter. everyone needs to wake up now. i'm ready to be awake.

While driving up I-29 through Missouri...
Gracyn: mom, is this Missouri?
Mackenzie: yes
Gracyn: how big is Missouri anyway?
Mackenzie: oh it's pretty big
Gracyn: is there anything in Missouri?
Mackenzie: yes but not really where we are right now
Gracyn: well is there at least somewhere we can go pee?!

Out of the blue one day...
Gracyn: mom, you know that word you say when you're frustrated?
Mackenzie: yeah...
Gracyn: can i say that word when i'm 62?
Mackenzie: you can say anything when you're 62...
Gracyn: k, good.

For the record, that word is "dammit".... ;)


  1. Gracyn gets cuter every day and she's looking quite mature and self assured.

  2. OH man ... she is a funny one! Love the things she says (booty wedge) and her thought process! She's looking older and so, so cute!

  3. Gahhh!!! I just love kid quotes, so funny! Gracyn has quite the personality!