It's a...


We still can't really believe it but we'll be welcoming a sweet baby BOY into our family this summer. WHAT?! So crazy but we are beyond thrilled.

Our sonogram went smoothly - he was SO active and at the tech had a hard time getting a few measurements but she snagged a few good pictures for us! He's measuring a tad behind my 20w4d date so we'll go in for a growth scan again in 4 weeks just to make sure everything is on track. 

Due to his position, the very first item of business was confirming gender. Let's just say there is NO denying that he is, in fact, a boy... ;) Little man was not shy!

Gracyn is so glad - we seriously had a long chat about being happy either way but she kept saying how happy she was during our appointment. She and Leighton will love on this sweet boy so much and I can't wait to see them all together. 

Justin actually felt him move for the first time last night which is so fun - and cool that it happened right before seeing him today. The girls were actually quite grumpy the whole day which threw a wrench in all of my cute "gender reveal" photo ideas. We always planned to find out right in the room but I still wanted to take some pictures to help announce it to our friends and family.

I decided it'd be fun to go get some pink and blue balloons to help us celebrate - I had three of each to make a nice little arrangement. The girls conned me into buying separate balloons (plus one for G's bestie that lives down the street...) for them to play with right away (as opposed to waiting until after our appointment) so here I was leaving the store with NINE balloons. 

It was windy, my hands were full, Leighton was walking freely in a parking lot and before I knew it, L's green balloon had popped, G's pink polka-dot balloon blew away and everyone's life was in shambles. Straight up sobbing that their balloons were lost.

I shoved the remaining balloons into the van, buckled them up and bribed apologized with suckers. The tears eventually stopped but they were still so sad. 

After our appointment, I left the pink balloons in the car and tried taking some pictures of the girls and our bunch of blue balloons in a field near the doctor's office. People were staring, the lawn crew was trying to mow and the kids refused to cooperate so back to the van we went. Do you know what happens when you open the trunk and the sliding doors at this same time? It creates a goddamn wind tunnel, that's what. The 3 pink balloons didn't stand a chance; Justin attempted to save them and managed to pop two of the three blue balloons in the process. Cue more screaming and tears and swear words (from me, not the kids...).

Any way, $15 and EIGHT balloons later, here we are. We made it home with our lonely balloon and managed to snap a few mediocre pictures in our playroom! It was a cluster, but we made it work. Ha!

Here's the little guy's profile, kissing his knee and throwing his legs above his head. We have a few other profile shots along with his feet and one where it looks like he's giving us a thumbs up. Can't wait to meet this sweet boy and sooooo thankful he is healthy.

Side note: we've been talking with Leighton about giving up her pacifier (her "tee-tee") leading up to today. We told her that we were going to see the baby and now that she's a big girl, she doesn't need her tee-tee any more. We asked if she could give her paci to the baby and she agreed. She gave them to me last night before bed, we clapped made it a big deal - she was so proud! Well, proud for like a minute. She quickly realized that she wasn't getting them back and cried/screamed for a good hour and half before she finally fell asleep.

To say she has a strong personality would be an understatement so I knew this would be a challenge but I'm hoping she comes around sooner rather than later! Wish us luck!


  1. Congratulations! A pre-sign if all the pink balloons popped and you were left with! Exciting news plus a tee-tee surrendering? Wow! She may need a little something-something coming her way this week! ;) Life in your house will get even crazier - you'll love it!

  2. Lucky Gracyn!! Great news ❤️

  3. Yay!!! Baby brother will be smothered with big sister love! I LOLd about the balloons, always the way, right? Have you started the name game yet? Im ready with my list and my husband is all, "we have plenty of time" Big eye roll. Brielana wasnt named until I was about due lol.

  4. YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! Welcome to the boy mom club :)

  5. Dude that balloon story was epic. I was cracking up- I know it wasn't funny at the time but that's freaking hilarious now. ONE balloon left. LOL!

    And yay! Boy moms!!! We'll have to share all of our new adventures with each other :)

  6. Eek, how exciting!!! And what a sweet sweet profile! Welcome to the boy mom world!