Bumpdate :: 20 Weeks


I can't get over the fact that we are halfway to meeting this baby. It blows my mind, really. We're so busy with everyday life and the other two kids that time is flying by. That being said, I owe this babe an update on all things pregnancy related so I figured I'd jot some things down.

I borrowed some of these prompts from a couple of my fave bloggers (Courtney + Laura). These mamas are also expecting their third babies (and due end of summer-ish) and it's been so much fun following along with them!

Size of Baby: a banana; a very large banana.

Total Weight Gain: uh..... I don't even care. Which will get me in trouble later on, I'm sure, but ice cream is life, OKAY?!

Symptoms: I have a nice round belly, obviously. I'm waiting for hip pain to start, which is something I experienced with both girls at night while trying to sleep. Leg cramps at night. If I wear shoes all day, I notice them feeling very tight by late afternoon and I'm a tad uncomfortable sitting in the chair I use at my desk while working. It's a small wooden thing that offers exactly zero support/cushion so I should definitely look into another option...

Cravings: Greek yogurt. The kind with the fruit on the bottom. I'd forgotten how good it was! And I've eaten approximately 57 halo oranges this last week. That all sounds healthy and great but at the same time, I basically binged on a bag of Doritos a few days ago. #noshame

Aversions: I'd still say pasta-based dishes are a no go. In addition to spaghetti (yuck), I no longer care for stroganoff. Although, the shells & cheese we made the other night with brats was pretty yummy. So random.

Sleep: Still sleeping OK for the most part. Gracyn normally sneaks in to our bed at some point during the night, which we'll have to put an end to before too long. The belly and all of my pillows are slowing taking over my side of the bed and an extra body in the way is not doing me any favors!

Gender: Ah! We find out on Monday! Praying this child cooperates and we're able to get a good look at the goods (or lack thereof...) and make sure he/she is growing properly. I'm leaning towards BOY.

Name: Nothing final either way but we have a decent list started!

Nursery: Sorry, kid. Nothing yet but as soon as we find out boy or girl we'll be able to start planning something.

Gracyn's Thoughts: She's so in love with the baby - and desperately wants a brother. I'm 100% sure she'll be devastated if she hears "it's a girl" during our appointment. She very well may break down in the ultrasound room. Ha! She'll recover, I know, but it's kind of cute to hear her talk about the possibility of having a brother. Either way, the baby will fit right in. :)

Leighton's Thoughts: She'll tell you the baby is a girl. She rubs my belly. She even gave it a kiss once! She's learning she can't gut-check me or slam her body on my stomach. Lots of talks about being gentle. She's a wild one but I know she'll be a great big sister.

The girls have been trying to feel the baby move; every night after dinner they'll put their hands on my stomach trying to get the baby to jump around. And every time, the baby is completely still, only to move the second they run off to play or do something else. Granted, the girls are usually yelling and poking and prodding my tummy so the kid is probably lying still for it's own safety. ;)

I thought my big ol' belly was evening out compared to the other babies but I saw this picture and started laughing. Still bigger this time around but that's ok.

Wan't wait until Monday! Boy or girl, what's your vote?!

20 weeks with Leighton


  1. YEah!!!!! Monday will be here in no time. So stinking excited!!!! I can't wait to find out- and you look amazing!

  2. It is hard to believe you are ½ way already! Exciting and we can't wait to hear whether baby is another girl or a boy. We could use another little boy in the family... just sayin'. Glad you're feeling good. Love the pics!

  3. YAYAYYA!!! So exciting you get to find out on Monday! I vote boy! But I'm partial to boys ;)