Five on Friday | Gender Predictions

Ahead of our sonogram on Monday, my cousin gave me the idea to do a few of the old wives' tales to see if they predicted a boy or a girl. I'm taking these with a grain of salt, obviously, but it's still fun to see what they say!


The Chinese Gender Chart is.... confusing worthless! The one on The Bump said I was having a girl. The one on Baby Center said it was a boy.


If craving sweets it's rumored to be a girl; if craving salty, protein-rich foods, it could be a boy. I'm a big fan of candy (gummy worms and laffy taffy, ya'll..) on a normal day and even more so when pregnant. This time around, though, I haven't had aversions to meat like I did with the girls. Steak and brats in particular have been mighty tasty these last few weeks so I'm gonna go with a boy on this one...


Is the baby's heart rate over (girl) or under (boy) 140? At our last appointment it was in the mid 130s which apparently screams BOY. I even asked my doctor, thinking she'd be the one to have an educated guess, and she did say it was typically a "boy" heart rate. We'll see!


Carrying high (girl) versus low (boy)? I'd say I'm carrying low but it may just be that I feel bigger at this point in the game.


We did the infamous ring test last night! We hung my wedding ring on a piece of string and Justin held it above my belly. If it moved in a circle, that apparently indicates girl; if it moves back and forth, it's a boy.

Justin SWEARS he wasn't moving his hand and the ring moved back and forth so this one is BOY, too. Ha!

We didn't do any of these silly things when I was pregnant with the girls except for looking up the gender chart. I'm pretty sure whatever Chinese Gender Chart I used at the time indicated they both were boys. I also thought they were both boys so that goes to show you how wrong my "motherly intuition" is!

4 out of 5 of the things we did above - or all 5 if you count the iffy gender chart! - indicate boy but all that means is that we'll have to wait until Monday to find out for sure!

For the record: it's probably another girl... ;)


  1. So funny that you don't like the Chinese method! It has been accurate for literally everybody I know, even when I went back and figured it out for people who had been born already.

  2. Oh yes, the old wives tales... some of the ladies in our past trusted them. All I know for sure is that baby Oakley will be ADORABLY cute and precious to love! Can't wait to snuggle another baby!!

  3. I really thought my girl was going to be a boy!! How wrong I was! These tests are fun though!!

  4. My motherly intuition was dead wrong, too! As was the ring test. Can't wait to find out!!

  5. Ooh I'll definitely follow along to find out what you have :) We tried doing the ring test my last pregnancy and we were in stitches because the ring was doing an oval (so a back and forth circle basically) and for reasons unknown that was hysterical to us.