Five on Friday | Easter Things

Happy Friday and Happy Easter Weekend!


We kicked off the Easter weekend early by dying some eggs yesterday afternoon. I remember doing this as a kid and love watching the girls {and Papa, apparently!} get into it. The eggs all survived, minus the one that broke open when I was trying to boil them, and Leighton's fingertips were stained only a little blue by the time we were done...


We've only know baby boy was a B O Y for a few days but he's already accumulated some goodies compliments of Grandma Sarah!


I'm slowly starting to pin some ideas for his nursery but I have to admit, it's a little hard to shift my focus from all things pink and girly to this whole new boy-mom world! I don't necessarily want to have a "theme" like woodland creatures or sports so I'm not sure how it'll turn out quite yet. 

I definitely LOVE this little DIY project and think it'd be easy enough to incorporate. I also just started following The Trendy Timber on Instagram and am swooning over their wooden signs. Once we decide on a name, I won't be able to order it fast enough!


Gracyn had her little Easter program at school yesterday. The kids did such a good job getting up on stage and singing along to their songs. She also whipped out this pose when I asked if we could take a picture for Daddy since he couldn't make it. I said maybe she should leave her dress down but she insisted on hiking it up "just a lil' bit, k?" In a church. After singing about Jesus. #trouble


In between G's Easter program and the end of her school day, we had some time to kill so we ran a few errands and stopped at a nearby park. It was a beautiful morning and it was so nice to be outside. The weather is supposed to be amazing all weekend long so bring on the egg hunts!

Have a great weekend!


  1. How fun that your little girls got to enjoy egg dying with their papa! <3

  2. Dyeing eggs was one of my favorite holiday traditions as a kid, too. Congrats on your baby boy and happy Easter! :)

  3. You will have so much fun shopping for clothes; I promise! And one of my friends put a peg board in her nursery and it is so so perfect!