Easter 2015

We had a quiet little Easter at home with our two little bunnies. Egg hunts, jelly beans, meltdowns. We had it all. We're bad people and didn't make it to church but I did play some of my fave Easter hymns for Gracyn. She pretended to sing along so that was fun.

The girls' Easter baskets were filled with matching swimsuits and sandals and I'm far too excited to get these water-babies in the pool this summer in their matching gear. Gracyn was eating candy by 10:01 AM and kept sneaking jellybeans after we told her no mas. By mid-afternoon, Gracyn was crashing from too much sugar, took a .343 second nap and woke up a grump. She chilled out once I promised to turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (I'm so not above bribing...) and one more jellybean.

We hopped over (hopped - get it?) to see Justin's dad and came home to have a nice ham dinner. By 7:41 PM 8:02 PM 8:17 PM 8:56 PM 9:14 PM both kids were up in bed. An Easter miracle for sure.  Just a typical night around these parts. We'll see how long it lasts...

Happy Easter!

Oh, and we dressed Leighton into the same outfit Gracyn wore on her first Easter. Everything fit except for the tights. There was no way we were getting thunder thighs into those bad boys. Still can't believe I have two baby girls. Also, how long do you think it'll be before Leighton starts growing hair!?!

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  1. Harp's hair didn't start coming in fully until like 7 months. I forgot how much hair she was born with and lost so quickly! I just want to squeeze lil LL, adorbs. I miss them both!!