flying solo

Dude. Single parents get all the praise-hand emojis from me. Justin's been out of town for 3 days and while everyone is still alive, it hasn't been pretty. Don't get me wrong, it could be worse (PLEASE don't get worse), but it still ain't easy.

Not sure how all of the single parents out there do it day in and day out. 

We've been trying to get Leighton to bed earlier than normal to see if that helps her go down easier. My goal tonight was to have her asleep in bed by 7:30. At 9:45, she was still fighting me so I def missed the window on that one. Gracyn is crying out as I type - probably because she refuses to sleep in her bed and just hit her head on the metal gate at her door - and I just chugged a beer and slathered some Stress Away essential oil all over my wrists to gear up for what is looking like a long night ahead of me.

leighton be like, "you want me to do whaaaa?!" #gtfts
We've been saved by the gorgeous weather, though. Eating lunch outside and as soon as the clock strikes 5pm, busting out of the house to spend the next hour or so soaking in the fresh air.

Daddy gets home Friday. We can't wait.

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  1. Hang in there, momma! So thankful my husband is not a traveler as I can only imagine what it would be like at this point in life. You are almost there now!