Easter 2016

Joining the blogging masses with an Easter recap! We headed to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with Justin's family. We watched one of our nephews play some baseball and the girls ran around with their cousins until they could run no more. 

Everyone congregated at my sister-in-law's home for dinner on Saturday night and we had a little egg hunt for the kids on Sunday morning. The weather turned cold and it was even snowing back here at home (um, what!?!) so instead of cute matching Easter outfits, the girls stayed in their jammies until noon and changed into sweatpants for the car ride home. Better luck next year, I guess!

We were all exhausted and the girls slept most of the way back but we had a great time visiting family! Now, to purge all of the extra candy around here... 


  1. Such a bummer they couldn't wear their Easter outfits. This crazy Midwest weather!!

    1. right?! saving them for Mother's Day and hoping the weather has figured it out by then :)