Confessing a few things this St. Patrick's Day and linking up with The Newly...

I confess... 

I still play candy crush.

I've been stuck on level 534 and have been for monnnnnths.

I'd rather buy a new stove than clean the one I've got...

I tried cleaning said stove yesterday because Pinterest said it was easy to do by putting the grates in a garbage bag with ammonia. I followed the steps but my bag leaked everywhere. Twice. Luckily I attempted this outdoors but I'm pretty sure I had a mild high the rest of the morning.  

The girls and I dyed Easter eggs yesterday and it wasn't a disaster. I was pretty sure we'd end up with a mess of spilled water and cracked eggs but they turned out!

I also realized I really enjoy hard boiled eggs. Who knew?! 

Both kids need some new play clothes. I have several online shopping bags filled and just need to commit.

We've had service providers at our house every day this week. Well, except for yesterday I guess. Carpet guy, wood rot fixer guy. Electrician guy comes this afternoon and window cleaner guy comes tomorrow!

My parents are coming to visit this weekend and Gracyn has been looking out the front door for them since yesterday afternoon. We're a little excited to see them.. ;) 

Is it too early to spike my coffee with some Irish cream? Have a great St. Paddy's Day!


  1. I still play candy crush also except I am on level like 377 or something and I was stuck there for months and just beat it 2 days ago and was weirdly excited. Like I got up and cheered excited..

    1. Right?! So funny. I let out a whispered "yesssssssss" anytime I pass a hard level! #imcool

  2. Cleaning the stove is my least favorite thing. I actually begged my husband to buy a new one before I caved. Good luck with your stove. And I hope you have a great visit, our girls love with their grandparents come.

  3. Confessions ... good for the soul. Gma & Gpa are just as excited to visit. Can't wait to see all the changes and get some hugs.

  4. Yeah, I should probably clean my stove, but I'm terrified of doing it for some reason. At least you tried! ... did it at least get it a little bit cleaner? -found you from the link up! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And yes, it's clean(er) but I didn't enjoy it!

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