Quick & Easy St. Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers

Happy Tuesday! If you've been reading this little blog for awhile now, you know we are (or at least try to be!) big DIY-ers and crafters. If you're new here, welcome! My name is Mackenzie and I attempt to make things with my kids every now and then. Sometimes they turn out, other times we're a hot mess. ;)

The fact remains that I love doing activities with my oldest that keep her entertained and I'm constantly pinning different crafts that catch my eye. At only three-years old though, we tend to keep things on the simple side. I also work from home so any activity can't be super over-the-top since I still need to multitask to get some work things done here and there. When Lucky & Me asked if we could conjure up a few fun and easy activities to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, I knew it was right up our alley!

My first stop when trying to find things to do with the kiddos is Pinterest. Obviously, right!? There are a TON of blogposts and websites that offer activities for kids of all ages. When choosing a craft or activity, I usually follow a few criteria:
  1. They should involve common household items. Often times, I'm trying to find something for us to do as a last minute thing so any time I can find that's quick to put together is a win for both Gracyn and me. Construction paper, glue, crayons, pipe cleaners. All good things and, usually, all things we have lying around the house!
  2. Bonus points if it involves food! My girls LOVE to snack so if I can entertain them with a fun treat that's easy to make (with the help of my sous chef, of course!) is awesome. My daughter really enjoys pulling up a chair or sitting on the counter so she can "help" cook.
  3. Minimal supervision required. Because I'm also working during the day, I like when I can set Gracyn up with an activity at the kitchen table and get a few work things done while still keeping an eye on her.
We found some great little activities surrounding St. Patrick's Day! First up was a rainbow-inspired morning snack. Complete with "clouds" and a pot of gold, of course.

Gracyn helped me pick out the fruit we needed based on the colors of the rainbow. Delicious cream cheese fruit dip served as our "clouds" and {as luck would have it...} we found some foil-covered chocolate to serve as the "pot of gold" at the end of our treat.

This was so easy to put together! It took a few minutes of prep time cutting up what we needed and then we were free to enjoy the rainbow goodness. Gracyn told me her "favorite fruit is chocolate..." and even the littlest set of hands got in on the action. One-year old Leighton gobbled up most of the blueberries.

After lunch, and while the baby was napping, Gracyn and I mixed up some St. Patrick's Day slime. Yes, SLIME! It was so fun! We followed this recipe and while I did make it a point to pick up some liquid starch, this was completely doable with only a handful ingredients.

We mixed the glue with a little bit of water and added some glittery sparkles to make it a little more festive. Once we added the mixture to the liquid starch, it turned into a slimy blob! Gracyn played for hours, you guys. It was a total hit!

Check out my Pinterest board for more St. Patrick's Day craft and activity ideas! This coffee filter shamrock would be super easy and this shamrock shake looks delicious. 

Also, check for activities happening in your area surrounding this lucky holiday! There are several parades and festivals here in the Kansas City area, many of which are kid-friendly. In fact, my family will be joining Kansas City Moms Blog and actually walking in one of the parades here in town! We will be sure to feast on the traditional corned beef & cabbage and wear plenty of green, as well!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Good ideas! I'll keep that slime recipe handy for visits!

  2. These are great! And I agree with Gracyn...chocolate is the yummiest fruit there is ;)

  3. I love the rainbow plate of fruit, complete with clouds and pot of "gold"! Such an easy and cute idea!!