baby by oakley: Leighton :: 15 Months


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Leighton :: 15 Months

Age: 15 Months!

Stats: Girlfriend is in the 99th percentile for height at 33 inches and in the 92% percentile for weight at 25 pounds, 7 ounces. People look perplexed when we say she just turned one when they assume she's almost two... ;)

Clothes: 24 months and/or 2T depending on the store. Her outfit in the pictures is Old Navy and she's definitely a 2T there. Size 6 shoe for the most part as well. Her deliciously chunky feet have a hard time fitting into any shoe but with warmer weather ahead, I think flip-flops, sandals and jellies will be our friends!

Favorite Foods: Leighton has yet to find a food she doesn't like. I'm hoping it stays this way, for a least a little while longer! She's been known to put back a scrambled egg, banana and piece of toast for breakfast only to then help me finish my bagel. She loves milk and water and prefers to have a snack cup in her hand 24/7 like big sister. 

Favorite Toys: She loves to play with the kitchen the girls got for Christmas and is a BIG fan of swiping whatever Gracyn is playing with at any given time. She loves the remote for the TV, the controller for Justin's xBox and my work computer. It's always a little awkward having to explain a random, baby gibberish email response to my coworkers. She sees the open keyboard and straight up lunges for it as fast as she can. 

Words: mama, dada, daddy,  banana (nana) and hi are the ones we hear regularly. She recently started saying bubble (bubba) and we're working on baby as well. She doesn't have as many words as Gracyn did at this age but she's definitely not quiet. She will fake-laugh at you during dinner and scream in order to keep up with G. 

Leighton Lynn is a spitfire, that's for sure and the days with her around are anything but dull. She loves to play and we're working on listening and having her stop whatever she's doing when we say "no." For the most part, though, Leighton-Badger don't care. She's naughty and mischievous and sweet and funny and we think she's pretty neat.

These girls of ours tend to get along for the most part and I absolutely love watching them together. It'll only get better the older they get, too.

Gracyn at 15 months on the left and Leighton on the right. All the heart eyes... :)


  1. Bring tears to my eyes why don't you! Love the photos and the comparison shots at the end? Priceless perfection! Love!

  2. Those are definitely two adorable girly girls!!!!

  3. Such cute pics! I'm amazed at how big she is...and it's funny in the comparison shot just how much older than she looks than her sis at this age! Tell her to slow down!! ;)

    1. Right?! So crazy how much difference there is.

  4. Oh my goodness. Seeing Leighton at 15 months compared to my girls who just turned 15 months is crazy. My girls are tiny (could be because they are preemies), but so crazy to see how different they could be.

    1. I know! I feel like L is a giant compared to most kids her age!