Friday Things

Happy Friday! We've had a big, busy week so let's jump right in to my Friday Five shall we??


I'm still pinching myself but we are officially under contract for this big, beautiful house. We've been semi-stalking a few homes in this neighborhood and when we found out we couldn't build the plan we thought we wanted on the particular lot we were looking at, we felt a little defeated. Until we walked through a finished version of this baby. We moved fast, they moved faster and bam. We have a new house. 

We're thinking we'll have a move-in date at the end of June and until then I'll be stressing about getting our current home sold, making sure things are in place to secure the new house and move all of our shhhtuff!

I can't wait.


I mentioned things moved fast. The house was nothing but studs the day we decided to write up the paperwork. We stopped by two days later and drywall had been added. We met with the builder on Tuesday and went to pick out some finishes on Wednesday.  I start sweating just thinking about it.

Also, picking out flooring and tile and carpet and paint from itty bitty samples should be illegal. I'm confident we made good choices but man alive was it hard!

Below you can see the selections for the master bathroom. Floor tile, vanity top and backsplash. 



This girl. Not even a mild fever could slow her down. Girlfriend acted completely normal all day long and yesterday afternoon I noticed she felt a little warm. Justin took her temp and it came up at 101! She was smiling and playing and eating.. and burning up apparently.

Not sure if it's teeth? She's cutting her canines but that seems like a high temperature for just teeth. By bedtime it was showing 99 so we gave her some more motrin. Her naps have been short this week but she's sleeping well at night so we'll see. Hopefully it's nothing major!


Big sister lives for the second I say we can go outside and play. She helped Justin rake some leaves and "dug up flowers" for me, which were actually just dead leaves and sticks but still. My heart melted.


Did you see my post about St. Patrick's Day activities earlier this week?! I'm all about quick & easy  and these ideas are just that.  The family and I are walking in a local St. Patty's Day parade with Kansas City Moms Blog tomorrow and I'm excited to dress up in green and get out for a bit! The girls are ready, Gracyn even has new festive shoes to wear. 

We have some more work to do before we list our home so after the shenanigans on Saturday it's back to the grind for us! I think things will die down a bit once we get the listing photos taken and get everything that we don't need packed away. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your house is going to be AWESOME! Yay for y'all!!

  2. love that combo of materials for your master bathroom. Congrats!!

  3. Congrats on the house! I looks very similar to houses in Vanessa and my neighborhood...but I suppose that's the case for all newish neighborhoods in the KC metro area. Although I would have loved to pick finishings in our house (it was a finished spec home), it probably wouldn't have been good for my mental health, bank account, or marriage. How exciting for you though!