oh hey, friday...

Another crazy, busy week! Oh man, where to start...


We got a call from our Realtor around 9:30 PM Saturday night saying she had some information for us from our builder. A little birdy told her there was another potential offer on *our* new house. Um, what!? I thought that was the purpose of a contract! To make it ours!

Turns out, it wasn't so cut and dry. We had a contingency built into our contract, meaning we had to sell our current home first before we could close on the new loan. The idea, obviously, was to make sure we weren't stuck with two mortgages because that would be no bueno. Well, Mr. Builder didn't like that and was entertaining the idea of accepting an offer free of contingencies in order to move forward on the home.

Our Realtor said we had a couple of options...
  1. Walk away and start over - or -
  2. Haul ass to finish the last of our cleaning/projects, list our home and have an open house THE NEXT DAY and hope that we get under contract so we could remove the contingency on the new house.

Around 11 PM on Saturday night, we sent her a text that basically said "screw it - let's LIST!" We were (are) emotionally invested in the new house and it's already been a whirlwind experience so we might as well continue on this crazy train, right!? RIGHT!

We stashed the rest of the girls' toys and finished cleaning. Our home went "live" and we had a random, unadvertised open house set for Sunday afternoon.


Now, everyone had been saying that the housing market is "hot" and our Realtor expected it to go quickly but we were still anxious. If we didn't get an offer soon, it could potentially mean losing the new house.

Our home sold IN FOUR HOURS. It. was. nuts.

We received two offers right away and just like that, we had a contract. We celebrated by going to our new house (for reals!) and giving her a big ol' hug! ;)

my view from the new kitchen. isn't it lovely!?!?!

The only (minor? major? depends on who you ask, I suppose...) sacrifice we'll be making is the fact that we have to move out of our current home by the end of April and the new house won't be ready until June-ish.


The hubs and I along with two kids and a giant pain-in-the-ass dog will be apartment dwellers for a few short months. The thought of having to move twice is daunting. Please oh please, tell me it'll be worth it!?!?

Also, I think I've been stress-eating. These things are the devil...


Somewhere along the way, this girl turned 15 months old on me! Can't believe it. She's is the sweetest, naughtiest girl. She's so mischievous but we love her so. If I can get my act together long enough to stop shoving animal crackers in my face, I'll post a little update about miss Leighton Lynn.


Did you know it's EASTER this weekend!? Yeah, that kinda snuck up on me, too... I quick ran to Target last night to snag a few goodies for Sunday. We're heading to Oklahoma to spend the weekend with some family and Gracyn was very worried the Easter Bunny wouldn't find her there. Luckily, the E-Bunny and I go way back and had a chat. There will be plenty of eggs to hunt!

I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  1. Wow, girl!! Y'all have been just a tad bit busy! So glad things worked out for your new house. Two moves sounds horrible, but if the end result is a great forever home, then it sounds worth it! Good luck & happy Easter!

  2. What a whirlwind indeed! Congratulations on the sale of the house.

  3. Congrats on selling your home!!!! We endured a very similar situation last year and our house sold in a matter of hours, too! I can't believe you decided at 11pm to list your house and had an open house the very next day! You guys must be some sort of miracle workers - or just crazy! Is your new house a Summit?? From that angle, it looks very similar to ours! And I'm still dying to know the neighborhood.... Could it be mine???

  4. Congratulations, again! Crazy but like you said, 'you only live once, right?' :) It'll all work out! Have a great weekend! Happy Easter!

  5. WOW! That was quick-- and stressful!!! I had stuff like that going on last year too-- and yeah I stress ate as well!!!!

  6. Holy Cow!! Hit that wine store quick, quick, quick! You're going to need it. Wishing you patience, patience, patience. It does sound like some things are going your way!

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