Five on Friday

Hey Friday, I'm glad to see you! I walked into preschool yesterday morning thinking it was Wednesday instead of Thursday so imagine my surprise when I finally figured out we were one day closer to the weekend. And, G doesn't have school on Wednesdays so I thought it was about to get super-awkward but don't worry. We were supposed to be there. :)


Speaking of preschool, Gracyn has her first ever classroom party next week and I'm signed up to bring a craft for the kiddos! Room Mom status, for reals! I'm so excited. Probably more than she is. I'm thinking about bringing supplies for the kiddos to make sucker ghosts, which would be super easy and something the kids could enjoy later, too. These Halloween mask printouts would be fun, too!

The kids get to wear their costumes next week and everything, followed by a pajama day the next week. Preschool is the life, I tell you.

picture via pinterest

If you still need a good costume idea, check out the picture my mom found for me! My best friend since childhood and I were sand-witches one year. Best costume ever. Ha! I think we were around 3rd or 4th grade. It was suuuuuper cold that year but the costume fit over my Nebraska starter jacket just fine.

My mom helped us make these costumes from scratch, too. We cut out cardboard boxes in the shape of a piece of bread, added some white cotton to the outside and filled in with colored pieces of thin foam-like paper to make cheese and tomatoes. Top it off with a witch hat and you're all set!


My poor iPhone completely died on me the other night. Well, I guess the screen completely died. It was in pretty bad shape, the screen was so cracked and missing actual pieces but it still worked in general. I was in the middle of snapping pictures of Butch, filters and all, to send to my brother when my screen went black. Kind of like the app crashed but I could not get it to come back on. I tried forcing the phone to reboot and nothing.  The phone was still on so I could still receive calls and hear notifications but I couldn't see anything.

she's terrifying.
I took the phone to Verizon where they tried replacing the screen but even that didn't work. Instead of shipping it off to try to be repaired by insurance, I figured it was just as easy (and about the same amount of money) to buy the old phone out and upgrade to the iPhone 7. So I'm rocking a fancy new phone nowadays. I forgot what it was like to have a phone with a screen intact and a battery that doesn't die at 57% like my other one did.


I'm on the hunt for some winter boots this year. Something along the lines of duck boots that will keep my feet warm and dry when running errands or playing outside with the kids. I love how they look with cozy socks and either leggings or skinny jeans. LL Bean always has great options but I don't love the price tag. I also really love ones from Sperry, but again, cha-ching.

Here are a few more affordable (for me) options...


My hope is that I can frolic around town looking something like this... we'll see!

via pinterest

Our weekend activities include a chili potluck lunch on Saturday in the neighborhood, enjoying the beautiful fall weather and shopping for costume accessories. Gracyn wants to be a pirate (again) and apparently it's a thing that parents dress up too so we're all going to be pirates. I picked up a couple of new pirate hats and swords for the girls at Target but I'm at a loss for what to do for Justin and me. I best get creative!

Have a great weekend!



  1. That costume is amazing...and please tell me you still have your Nebraska starter jacket. I wanted one SO BAD in grade school...but nope never got one.

  2. I'm going to be the lame parent who doesn't dress up. C'est la vie. My kids will survive I think :p

  3. Fun time ahead for everyone! (Cotton ball ghosts are easy to make too if you precut the shapes needed!) You'll be able to pull off the boot look too ... happy hunting!

  4. Oh my gosh, those sand-witch costumes are fantastic! I love it. Have fun with all of the preschool Halloween activities! Sounds fun!

  5. Love your costume! So cute!! I scored a pair of boots just like LL Beans at Gander Mountain many years ago. They are perfect and have held up beautifully. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. I just read/heard about duck boots for the first time on another blog the other day (#latetothegame) and now I'm thinking I need a pair ASAP!! They are so cute!! I also want those adorable slouch(?) socks in the picture!!