Photo Every Hour | Thursday

6 AM | dressed before the sun. it's not normal. neither is my orange sweater. or the stripes on stripes... #halloweenparty

7 AM | supa-dupa foggy

8 AM | rare solo breakfast date with this girl

9 AM | basically stood in line for the store to open like a normal mom

10 AM | classroom party! and sweet treats before lunch!

11 AM | wild pirate girl.

12 PM | i'm not quite sure what's happening...


2 PM | i literally eat this for lunch every day. i'm sad.

3 PM | quick! do something weird and awkward because both kids are still sleeping!

4 PM | good nap.

5 PM | adolescent male gymnast or ready for swimming lessons?

6 PM | soup's on. thanks, cooksmarts!

7 PM | jumping off the bed. totally normal bedtime attire.

8 PM | asleep? for now.

9 PM | bloggity blog. and house hunters, duh.


  1. Haha! Love this. I always want to do posts like this but I always forget until like....naptime. lol. Someday!

  2. Love this post idea!! Totally stealing it sometime! ;)