Pumpkin Patch 2016

The girls and I hit up a local pumpkin patch on Saturday morning while Justin was out of town. Last year, we went to Faulkner's Ranch which we liked but wanted to try one closer to home this year. KC Pumpkin Patch had a lot of activities included in your admission price that were suitable for small children, so it was a good visit.

My babies are getting so big - I can't even handle it! Leighton darted into the pumpkin patch on numerous occasions and Gracyn didn't even hesitate when it came time to ride the zip line. She loved it and we had to take several videos to show daddy.

Another October weekend is rapidly approaching, we have pumpkins to paint and costumes to make. Bring on ALL THE FALL THINGS.


  1. Love the pics of the girls and the pumpkin/gourd grouping - all perfect! Enjoy exploring all your KC options!