Forever Royal

We may not be celebrating Blue October this year since the Kansas City Royals didn't make the playoffs but the team spirit is still alive and well. We absolutely love taking the kids to the stadium to watch a game, eat hotdogs and peanuts and cheer for the team. Gracyn will even ask Justin to "turn the Royals on!" when we're at home and he, of course, always accommodates her request.

KC is bursting with local businesses making Royals t-shirts and hats and other fan-gear. You can easily find Royals-themed home decor items too. Prints, pillows, coasters and coffee mugs are all ways to showcase your Royal pride in your home.

And now, you can even incorporate the Royals' blue and gold paint colors! We were lucky enough to sample Royals™ Gold SC-56 and Royals™ Blue SC-55 from Benjamin Moore's Sports Collection.

Now, we may not be painting the walls blue anytime soon but I knew I wanted to try and come up with a few crafty things we could do with the paint. Off to Pinterest I went (duh) and quickly found a few ideas.

Gracyn was totally on board to help me paint some pumpkins to spruce up our fall decor. We picked up a few fake pumpkins to use so we can keep them for years to come and display them next fall (when the boys are hopefully IN the playoffs...).

G did a great job! My little crafter-in-training. :) She LOVES helping me with any of my little projects so this was the perfect set up. Even little sister got in on the painting action...

I used the end of a small sponge roller to make the polkadots on the small white pumpkins. Gracyn was helping with that step too so we had a few mishaps in the form of rouge dots here and there but for the most part, they turned out ok!

Oh, and we added glitter because #girlmom ;)

I think we're going to attempt to make a few other seasonal decor items too. These painted snowmen are super cute and could easily be changed to represent the Royals. Painted wine bottles? Done. It'd even be fun to have the kids paint a christmas tree ornament in the blue & gold colors, too!

And if we ever have a baby boy? Blue and gold nursery for the win, obviously!

Benjamin Moore's Sports Collection also includes colors for the Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs and New York Yankees so check out your local BM paint retailer to find all of these great colors!

*Disclosure: I was gifted samples of paint in exchange for a review. All opinions and mediocre craft skills are my own!


  1. Love it! I painted Royals pumpkins last year (they're somewhere on my blog!) but it sure would have been nice to have the perfect Royal blue and gold paint!

  2. I LOVE THIS. I want Kansas City Royals pumpkins!!!