Family Pictures 2016

For my mama's birthday in January, my brothers and I gifted her an extended family photo session with everyone on my side of the family. It took half the year to plan but we finally made it happen over Labor Day weekend!

Becca from Becca Blackburn Photography did such an amazing job capturing all 11 of us! The kiddos were a little grumpy at first but when they finally loosened up, Becca was able to get some really great shots!

If you're in Kansas City, be sure to check out Becca's work! I'm so glad we were able to all be together and get amazing photos that we'll cherish for a long time to come! Warning: photo dump ahead!

I'm trying hard not to really laugh in that last picture because Justin was whispering inappropriate things as we attempted to look like we really love each other. ;)

Love this pic of my bros and our parents...

Cousins and best friends for life...

Gang's all here!

Thanks again, Becca!

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  1. They turned out so good!! Love everyone's outfits together too...looks great! The picture of you holding both girls is so cute...sad faces and all!

  2. It was a good time - thanks Becca for the great results! THANKS to you, Luke, Tyler, Justin and Jessica for getting everyone together and this great gift! A perfect 60 gift! Love!!

  3. These pictures are fabulous!!! I love the colors and your outfit choices! And the lighting is just perfect! I will keep her in mind for future family sessions! P.S. I'm playing blog reading catch-up if you can't tell! :)